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Deloitte Risk Advisory launches Women in Cyber (WIC) program to drive female professionals' careers in cybersecurity

With economic development and social change, female leadership is playing an increasingly important role in every sector. However, the IT industry and the emerging cybersecurity industry have for the past few decades been dominated by men, with very few female executives. According to one survey, in the global cybersecurity workforce, about 24% of employees are women1 , and the ratio of female CIOs/CTOs is only 18%2 . Encouraging more capable women to enter the cybersecurity industry can reduce the sector's labor shortage and introduce diverse perspectives, leadership and experience, which will further benefit companies and society.

To increase the involvement of talented women in the cybersecurity industry, Deloitte has developed the Global Women in Cyber (WIC) program, which will be officially launched on 8 March – International Women's Day 2021. The program aims to help female cyber professionals adapt to a rapidly changing career environment, raise public awareness of the challenges and opportunities for women in the cybersecurity industry, and provide a platform for women to demonstrate their professionalism.

Deloitte China continuously implements its global ALL IN strategy, having established the Female Leadership Committee to gather professionals of different genders and from various regions and functions as representatives to promote the effectiveness of the design, implementation and oversight of Firm-wide female leadership programs. As of fiscal year 2020, 61% of Deloitte China's employees, and 35% of its partners and directors, are women. However, within the Firm's Risk Advisory Cyber Service team of nearly 300 people, 47% of professionals and 21% of partners and directors are women. Deloitte China's Cyber Service will continue to encourage more female leadership to improve the ratio of female cyber partners and directors. 

The WIC program team will introduce a variety of internal and external activities to help more female professionals in the cybersecurity industry pursue their career goals.

  • The Deloitte WIC Community

We will invite female employees with notable achievements in Risk Advisory Cyber Service to share their insights on career development, and organize online and in-person events, including tea parties, to provide female employees with experience-sharing and communication channels.

  • Deloitte WIC Career Development Program

To encourage more talented female professionals to develop careers in the cybersecurity industry, we will design and provide training and mentorship programs for female employees in Risk Advisory Cyber Service to improve their technique, skills, leadership and career path planning to enhance their competitiveness and impact in the industry.

  • University Student Cyber Mentor Program

We will cooperate with universities to establish a mentoring program to provide career advisory, tutoring and other activities for female students interested in developing careers in the cybersecurity industry. We aim to bring more female professionals into the cybersecurity field by encouraging them to learn more and join their peers.

  • WICC (Women in Cyber Circle) Women's Impact Industry Collaboration

Deloitte China will facilitate cooperation with leading companies in the IT and cybersecurity industries, and jointly promote women's employment opportunities and career development in cybersecurity through impact forums and other activities.

Diversity & Inclusion is one of Deloitte's shared values in its advocacy and practices. The WIC program will further focus on female leadership by demonstrating the power of outstanding female leaders in the evolution and development of the cybersecurity industry, as Deloitte continues to facilitate and maintain an inclusive company culture. We will publish regular briefings through internal emails, the Deloitte WeChat account and other channels to illustrate the program's progress and achievements, and look forward to more female talent participating in our WIC events.


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