The Cyber Intelligence Centre

Helping you manage your cyber risks 24/7

The cyber threat has become a board-level risk in today’s business world. If you’re operating online, you’re at risk. An attack can lead to financial and reputational damage, both of which can be irreparable. We understand how expensive and complicated building your own Security Operations Centre (SOC) can be so we’ve built our own Cyber Intelligence Centre to act as your go to resource for cyber support.

We offer a broad range of cyber and managed services to help you tackle the ever changing risk landscape.

Whether it’s threat monitoring, threat intelligence, data protection, incident response and more, our team of specialists can help.

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Deloitte’s Ransomware Readiness Assessment is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of an organisation’s technical security controls, layered defences and operational capabilities in preventing, detecting, responding to and recovering from a ransomware incident.