MNCs will play an important role in the Belt & Road Initiative

Deloitte with B&R

Issue 9

In last issue's 'Deloitte with B&R', we elaborated new trends of globalization and China's outbound investment under the background of BRI developing in scope and in depth. The participants in BRI are diversifying, and MNCs have achieved real growth in BRI. What are the development opportunities for MNCs in BRI and how to seize them?

In this issue, we are pleased to have Mr. Andrew Zhu, Northern Region Managing Partner for Tax & Legal and Northern Region Deputy Managing Partner, to analyze the new development opportunities for MNCs in "Belt & Road".

MNCs will play important role in BRI, cooperating with Chinese enterprises may be the best choice. Compared with Chinese enterprises, MNCs tend to have better technology, talent, products, as well as global supply chain and markets. MNCs can not only provide better products, better performance and more competitive price for BRI construction, but also assist the countries along BRI with infrastructure building, investment environment optimizing and future market fostering through their strong international operating experience. Cooperating with China's enterprises is a good choice for MNCs to take part in BRI. By forming partnership, MNCs and Chinese enterprises will give full play to their respective advantages, achieve win-win results and better outcome. Since some of the countries along BRI are developing countries, their infrastructure, legal system and investment environment are not perfect enough, MNCs should give full consideration to the potential risks. For instance, MNCs need to consider how to choose the right partner, how to reasonably determine business and legal provisions, etc., to ensure that all the participants will fully enjoy the capital bonus of BRI, and effectively avoid the risks as well.


Coming soon: The developing countries along BRI have lower power consumption and huge development space. The pace of China's power development, electric power construction and power equipment manufacturing enterprises going abroad will be further accelerated. In the next issue 'Deloitte with B&R', we will analyze the historic development opportunities of the power industry in BRI.

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