Soft Skills Need to be Considered in Choosing Proper International Talents

Deloitte with B&R

Issue 5

In last issue's 'Deloitte with B&R', we elaborated 4 essential capabilities for BRI international talents. However, in practical cases, enterprises tend to focus more on the candidates' hard skills, such as the professional capabilities and foreign languages etc., ignoring soft skills like leadership presence. How to assure the management style matching the development stage of local enterprises, and lead local staff to work actively, gaining more support from them?

In this issue, we are pleased to have Mrs. Carol Zheng, Deloitte China Human Capital Advisory Service Partner, to analyze this issue.

Enterprises should focus more on soft skills, especially when it comes to leadership presence. The Belt and Road Initiative has clearly proposed six major goals, among which people-to-people connectivity is the most challenging and crucial one. The key point is about selecting the proper international talents, leading local staff to work actively and get their support. In practical cases, the status of enterprises in the developing countries along the Belt and Road is very complicated with wide variations in culture. Enterprises should pertinently select international talents, regarding the developing period and the complexity of management, and clear the power and responsibility with leadership presence matching the local enterprises' needs.

Coming soon: Cross-border mergers and acquisitions is the main way for enterprises participating in the Belt and Road Initiative. The way of managing different kinds of risks is the important factor determining success or failure in cross-border M&A. What are the effective methods for enterprises to avoid "buying wrong" and "buying expensive" in BRI investment? These are the questions that we will be addressing in the next issue.

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