Crunch Time V

Finance 2025

Explore Deloitte's eight predictions

Whether it’s phone apps, home automation or cashless commerce, digital disruption is the new normal for consumers today. It’s changing what we do – and how we get things done – in countless ways.

What does this have to do with the future of finance? Everything.

In the finance function, it is vital to start working now to get the right people and technology in place to take advantage of inevitable disruption and make organizations better, faster, and probably less expensive.

The technologies needed to reimagine finance are here and will only get better. Plus, we can learn a lot from other business functions. Modern factories give us a glimpse of what automation can deliver. Smart contracts show us new ways of tracking assets. The lessons are out there – we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We can focus instead on adapting and adopting.

In our new report, Crunch Time V: Finance 2025, Deloitte asks and explores questions like:

  • What is possible if we combine different technologies to reimagine the future?
  • How will the work of finance get done and who will do it?
  • How could finance contribute even more to the success of a company?

Explore the future we envision with eight bold predictions about how finance might evolve in the next several years.

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