Deloitte was Awarded as Taobao Tmall’s Digital Strategy Consulting Pioneer Partner

Published date: 2 September 2022

Lately, Taobao Tmall hosted its Tmall Partner Innovation Lab release and 2022 ecological rating award ceremony in Shanghai with the theme of “Moving Forward Together with Digital Ecology". At this conference, Taobao Tmall released its ecological transformation strategy and Tmall Partner Innovation Lab 2.0 plan, and awarded its excellent service providers and ecological partners in the first half of 2022. Deloitte was being awarded Taobao Tmall's Digital Strategy Consulting Pioneer Partner.

One of the highlights in the collaboration between Deloitte and Taobao Tmall is the jointly released white paper "Upholding Long-term Principle and Creating Long-term Value - FAST+ Methodology: Sustainable Omni Channel Operation with Private Domain as the Core", helping Taobao Tmall elevated its business operation methodology.

Photo source:Tmall Partner Innovation Lab

Deloitte Consulting China Partner Michael Weng (second from the right) received the award as a representative
Photo source:Tmall Partner Innovation Lab

In recent years, the rapid development of platform business and digital economy has promoted the continuous evolution of consumption channels, and the scenarios for enterprises to directly connect with users have become more andmore abundant. With the increasing cost of public domain platform user maintenance and acquisition, private domain operation has become the key position of digital transformation layout for many enterprises. Based on the brand's exploration of private domain operation and the commercial demand for continuous value creation, Deloitte and Taobao Tmall combined the rich consulting experience in the industry and deep precipitation of the brand's full value chain service to jointly conduct an overall and systematic study of private domain operation. Leveraging on the foundation of FAST methodology, the study jointly proposed "FAST+: a methodology for continuous Omni-Channel operation with private domain as the core", from the perspective of helping brands comprehensively measure user assets in sustainable operation, through the evaluation of operational efficiency and user value indicators to build a structured operational health diagnosis system for brands, with private domain as the core, promoting deterministic growth of brands through global linkage and public-private joint partnerships to help brands find certainty in uncertainty, and support sustainable and healthy growth of brands.

The essence of private domain operation is the transformation and upgrading of brands from "product and channel-centric" to "operational consumer centric". The core value of brand private domain operation lies in having users who can be operated sustainably. On this basis, the brand can effectively explore in-depth on the customer lifetime value and improve their operation efficiency through the observation on the deepening of user relationship as well as people operating strategy and conversion effect in the private domain field. Private domain operations require brands to pay attention to maintaining long-term and loyal consumer relationships, so binding private domain with public domain and whole domain, and breaking traffic islands has become an important choice for sustainable brand operation. In this case, data and digital capability are the core foundation of private domain operation. Meanwhile, to realize the value of private domain operation, in addition to considering the link with public domain and open platform, corresponding internal system and mechanism should also be built.

The FAST+ methodology complements contents from four aspects: methodology model, business drivers, platform empowerment and ecological upgrade. Its core significance is providing brands’ private domain operation with a broader (Omni-Channel) and a longer-term perspective (CLV, Client Lifecycle Value). On basis of the enhanced methodology, Deloitte and Taobao Tmall are carrying out further cooperation on Omni-Channel consumer operations in some specific industry. Through the cooperation, Deloitte and Taobao Tmall hope to provide the brands with services such as " customer potential demand analysis", "traffic conversion and loss decoding", "smart commodity label" and "selling point detection and potential ecological partner prediction", etc. so as to guide them with future marketing optimization and business operation.

In response to the constant change of external environment and trends, Taobao Tmall has been working on building a long-term value partnership system to conducive for an effective enterprise operation, and help the diversified brands with healthy and high quality development over the years. Deloitte will continue to elevate solutions and optimize the methodology in long-term practice cooperation with Taobao Tmall to help the brands meet with the customers’ diversified and high-quality needs, and achieve long-term healthy and high-quality growth.

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