Work the way we live

Reimagine the way of working in future GBS from a daily life perspective

Today’s Global Business Services (GBS) is a workplace with salient features, such as remote delivery, standardized processes, and highly integrated systems, making it an ideal experimental field for applying innovative digital tools to further improve productivity and create business value.

However, the implementation of these efficiency-focused technologies has not completely changed the traditional way of working in GBS. Repetitive and monotonous work, lack of sense of achievement are still the main complaints from GBS staff.

In the digital era, how should GBS react to rebuild itself a more attractive workplace, change the current way of working, and provide their people with a better experience? Based on the concept of "work the way we live", this report reimagines the way of working in future GBS from a daily life perspective, and discusses 6 popular digital elements in our daily life regarding their potential in GBS and benefits on future of work.

We hope this report will provide a fresh perspective for the transformation and development of GBS, and look forward to discussing more with you on the key topics covered in the report.

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