Digital Foundry & Operations

Apply consumer-driven strategies and insight-focus analytic methodologies to forge, own and distinguish your digital operational capabilities through a foundry space by supporting flexible capacity resources, providing end-to-end services and offering tailored solutions.

Confronted with the ever-changing digital market and a further complex environment of consumer, competitors and capability portfolios; organizations are in need of not only a visionary but also a practical blueprint to win the future. To complete a close-loop business performance guaranteed with effectiveness as well as agility, Deloitte can help you to strengthen your muscles and empower your energy for further growth.

Beyond strategic design, foundry service is to establish, own and operate new digital capabilities by providing flexible capacity resources to bridge key talents and knowledge gaps in your teams over a medium-long timeframe. Whether it is a ‘0-1’ mission or a “1-100” challenge, we offer end-to-end services to enable your capabilities needed for personalized consumer journey orchestration, insight-focus analytic application and digitally enabled platform operation.

With consumers being increasingly demanding and difficult to retain loyalty to one brand, Deloitte keeps you ahead of the trend, preparing you attract and activate the future generations. We’ll work with you to leverage the latest digital technologies with our collaborated expertise, industry insights, and talent to enable a full stack consumer operation.

The disruptive changing world has created unexpected turbulence for today’s business, Deloitte always share the same value and stand along with our clients - helping you to sharpen your fundamental capabilities to achieve a lasting consumer relationships, reshape your business model to drive incremental growth, and enhance your brand positioning to conquer the future market.

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Ying Tang

Ying Tang

Deloitte Consulting China Digital Foundry & Operations Offering Leader

Ying has 20+ years’ experience and solid track record in driving growth and innovations for leading companies in multiple sectors including Retail, Beauty, FMCG etc. Broad experience from formulating ... More