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Business leaders must act with conviction, even in an era of growing complexity, uncertainty, and disruption. These business leaders need clear, concise, well-informed perspectives on the important dynamics that are currently reshaping their business environments. Our global network of Strategy & Operations professionals draws on the strength of Deloitte’s full suite of professional services and industry experience to focus solutions on the real issues affecting businesses today. We work collaboratively with our clients to link strategic vision to flawless execution to achieve tangible, long-term value. From developing a pragmatic strategy and evaluating M&A opportunities to improving finance and operations functions, we have the experience and expertise to help clients build an executable strategy.

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  • Business Transformation
    We focus on catalysing enterprise transformation, including shaping the business transformation strategy and prioritizing strategic capabilities
  • Corporate & Business Unit Strategy
    In an increasingly uncertain and changing environment, we help clients create executable strategies for growth and value creation, portfolio optimization, differentiation and disruption
  • Customer
    We help clients create and drive transformational change in customer, marketing and pricing strategies and capabilities that drive business growth, forge profitable consumer and customer relationships, and drive competitive advantage
  • Digital Strategy
    We help executives understand, envision, and articulate digital as a business strategy and implement it across the enterprise, using a road map that delivers on the brand promise across channels, with clear ownership and accountability
  • Innovation
    Through a combination of design, strategy, social science, and technology, we work to unearth opportunities and spur ongoing growth that helps companies. We do this for our clients by setting innovation strategy, helping our clients become better innovators, and designing, building, and launching innovations

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Business Model Transformation

  • Enterprise Model Design
    Working with organizations to validate their transformation ambition, identify and prioritize the capabilities required for success, and design the operating model to effectively deliver on the strategy
  • Shared Services
    Working closely with executives to consider how a shared services operating model aligns with their specialists business strategy
  • Enterprise Cost Reduction
    Enabling structural, enterprise-wide changes that can produce sustainable cost savings and margin improvements
  • Location strategy
    Helping companies across industries address some of their most complex and challenging location and footprint issues
  • Program Leadership
    Helping clients define and execute their most important strategic transformation programs 

Helping clients capture new growth opportunities, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and stay ahead of consumer preferences

Supply Chain & Manufacturing Operations

  • Supply Chain Strategy
    Helping senior executives align supply chain capabilities and operating models with their business strategies
  • Supply Chain Planning
    Working with clients to develop strategies, define future solutions built on leading capabilities, and implement process and technology solutions
  • Manufacturing Strategy & Operations
    Helping global manufacturers translate their business strategy into practical operational plans through an effective manufacturing strategy
  • Sourcing & Procurement
    Helping companies with direct and indirect materials sourcing, understand options for managed services etc. This practice is differentiated by our executable mindset, focus, and strategy capabilities — with emphasis on executable
  • Logistics & Distribution
    Offering knowledge, skills, and experience to help companies plan and efficiently operate their networks globally while executing effectively at the local level
  • Product Development & Lifecycle Management 
    Helping product development organizations combine process and organizational improvements with the implementation of modern product life cycle management (PLM) systems in alignment with strategic and operational objectives
  • Sustainability
    Helping companies build sustainability into their strategy and operations, using a practical and business-focused approach, as a way to improve and protect margins, build brand value, and enhance risk resilience with the goal of supporting business growth

Helping companies integrate business strategy with supply chain initiatives to drive operational excellence

M&A Strategy

  • M&A Strategy
    Working with senior executives to define how they employ M&A—in alignment with their corporate strategy—to drive profitable growth and enable them to compete effectively in their industry
  • Commercial Diligence
    Testing the information that informs a client’s M&A deal valuation and post-merger acquisition plan
  • Transaction Readiness
    Helping clients prepare strategically and operationally for transactions (merger, acquisition, divesture, JV)
  • Operations Due Diligence
    Assisting clients with critically evaluating a target’s attractiveness through operational assessments e.g. operational and functional synergy deep dive and validation
  • Integration Planning & Execution
    Helping clients through critical steps that bring a transaction from concept through execution
  • Divestiture Planning & Execution
    Planning the client's divestiture process. Bringing an outside-in perspective based on thousands of transactions across industries
  • Functional Integration & Carve Outs
    Includes services like Day One functional readiness and execution, functional synergy targeting and realizations, etc. Offers the knowledge, experience, and effective practices gained over the course of thousands of transactions

Services span the M&A lifecycle from growth strategy to target screening and diligence, through integration and separation execution

Finance Transformation

  • Finance Strategy
    Helping develop a vision, strategy and plan that is linked with company objectives, and also offer innovative, one-day workshops to facilitate strategic planning and executive alignment
  • Finance Process Improvement
    Helping improve, rationalize, and enhance core Finance processes such as accounts receivables and payables, fixed assets, close-consolidate-report, planning-budgeting-forecasting and data/management reporting
  • Integrated Performance Management
    Develop a holistic view of performance drivers and improve the connection between business performance and incentives
  • Finance Operating Model
    Evaluate and understand the finance function’s overall capacity and provide these capabilities at benchmark cost to stay competitive

Working with CFOs to gather, interpret, and deliver the insights that shape timely and smart decisions throughout the C-suite

Service Operations

  • Banking & Securities Operations
    Working with financial institutions to help build an operational infrastructure for profitable, risk-appropriate growth in today's economy, and regulatory environment
  • Insurance Operations
    Working with insurance executives to help transform disjointed operations into integrated sales and service delivery systems that can support an insurer’s ability to identify, write, and retain profitable customer relationships
  • Investment Management Operations 
    Working with financial institutions to help build an operational infrastructure for profitable, risk-appropriate growth in today's economy, and regulatory environment
  • Government Operations
    Working with state officials in developing transformation roadmaps that can be implemented through our multidisciplinary approach that incorporates analytics, cost reduction, business model transformation, change management, as well as communications and process transformation
  • Healthcare Provider Performance Improvement
    Working with administrators and clinicians in their efforts to reduce operating costs and improve margins, and still deliver quality care by focusing on helping providers create sustained operational excellence through transformative changes to their infrastructure

Deloitte specialists can help clients get an up-to-the-minute view of your customers while discovering new trends and market shifts. Our professionals have the knowledge to take on your most complex challenges in process improvement, performance management, margin management, and customer service.