National Tax Technical Center

The Deloitte China National Tax Technical Centre (“NTC”) was established in 2006 to continuously improve the quality of Deloitte China’s tax services, to better serve the clients, and to help Deloitte China’s tax team excel. The Deloitte China NTC prepares and publishes “Tax Analysis”, “Tax News”, etc. These publications include introduction and commentaries on newly issued tax legislations, regulations and circulars from technical perspectives. The Deloitte China NTC also conducts research studies and analysis and provides professional opinions on ambiguous and complex issues.

Tax Analysis

Providing in-depth analysis on tax issues and business-related changes that may impact your business

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Enterprise Income Tax Law and Implementation Rules of the People’s Republic of China

Designed to help you understand the new laws and implementation rules for your tax planning purposes.

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Hong Kong Tax News

This tax newsletter is prepared by Deloitte China’s tax service in Hong Kong SAR, aiming to give readers a quick update on news about the tax practices and development of tax cases. It also serves as a platform to communicate any news regarding Deloitte China’s tax practice to the business and professional community.

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