Deloitte China Establish Cloud Labs in Collaboration with Amazon Web Service

On 30 July 2019, Deloitte China announced the establishment of cloud labs in collaboration with AWS during the AWS Partner Summit. From strategy, consulting, technology and risk perspective, the cloud lab platform will provide companies with comprehensive services including cloud strategy, business transformation, large scale cloud migration, cloud-enabled IT transformation, cloud technology and cyber risk control, etc.  We aim to help enterprises solve cloud-related risks or problems and achieve their business goals by inspiring innovative thinking and offering new perspectives through our interactive labs, cyber security labs and white paper insights. Deloitte China Consulting National Functional Leader Stanley Dai and Deloitte China Consulting Technology Service Lead Denken Meng witnessed this important new journey of cooperation between the two parties together with AWS Corporate VP, Managing Director of GCR Elaine Chang and GM of AWS China Ecosystem Partners Jason Wang.

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The journey of cooperation between Deloitte and AWS was began in 2015 and globally Deloitte has become AWS premier consulting partner. Relying on the huge ecosystem resources, Deloitte is providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions for cross-industry, cross-domain and market segment customers. Currently, Deloitte global has achieved 10 AWS competencies with more than 1400 professional and technical certifications. In 2018, Deloitte and AWS has further reached a strategic collaboration in Greater China that combines AWS’s advanced cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet of Things technologies with Deloitte’s leading strategy, operations, and technology consulting capabilities to help enterprises realize digital transformation and continued innovation in Chinese market.

This year Deloitte and AWS will strive to empower the cloud lab platform on the back of their global brand influence and superior resources.  With the vision to help enterprises realize their customized goals, both parties will jointly design the lab experience process and content. Based on their business data and operation process, we seek to help enterprise leaders understand their future challenges and come up with corresponding strategy and solutions.

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"Backed by AWS's expertise in cloud computing, big data, AI, machine learning and IoT, Deloitte will draw on industry knowledge, client base and proven methodology to raise the maturing and reliability of our cloud lab platform, and help enterprises achieve cloud-based digital transformation and sustainable innovation" said Denken Meng, Deloitte China Consulting's Technology Lead partner.

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"Deloitte will leverage both cutting edge cyber security capability and abundant practical experience to help enterprises build highly effective digital risk control system and improve cyber risk trend. While users benefit from AWS cloud services, we aim to accompany enterprises through a path with comprehensive network security to a future of steady development," said Tonny Xue, Deloitte China Risk Advisory Technology and Cyber Risk Service Lead partner during the press interview after the summit.

Source: AWS

During the summit, Deloitte China Consulting National Functional Leader Stanley Dai received the "GSI APN Partner of the Year 2019" award from Jason Wang, GM of AWS China Ecosystem Partners. According to Stanley, this award is a milestone for the strategic cooperation between Deloitte and AWS. The establishment of cloud labs represents a new chapter of cooperation for the two parties, which will commit new resources to help better serve our clients.

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