Alibaba Cloud, Deloitte, and Global Partners Co-launch China Gateway Program

On 25-26 July, the Alibaba Cloud Summit and Partner Summit were held in Shanghai, with Deloitte Consulting Cloud Service Leading Partner Michael Liu invited to co-launch the China Gateway Program with Alibaba Cloud and other global partners on stage.

The China Gateway Program is a worldwide initiative designed by Alibaba Cloud and its global partners. Alibaba Cloud and all its partners will bring together resources and expertise to help overseas companies get up and running in China, providing a rapid way to scale up. In its cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, Deloitte gives full consideration to the pain points of overseas enterprises seeking to expand their businesses in China and uses the advantages of Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud to provide comprehensive guidance to multinational enterprises on cloud strategy in China.

Michael Liu represents Deloitte Consulting at the launch of the China Gateway Program with Alibaba Cloud (Source: Alibaba Cloud)

At the China Gateway Forum, Deloitte Risk Advisory Partner David Jiang delivered a speech on China's Cyber Security Law.

David introduced the overall China Cyber Security Law compliance framework; sharing Deloitte's experience and insights on the key areas MNCs must focus on, such as local governance requirements, CII identification considerations, CPCS 2.0 implementation, cross-border data transfer assessment, cyber security review processes. He also provided answers and suggestions to the most frequently asked questions, as well as a trend analysis of future CSL developments.

Deloitte Risk Advisory Partner David Jiang delivers his speech (Source: Alibaba Cloud)

On July 26, Michael was also invited to the Partner Summit, sharing Deloitte's analysis of digital transformations by SOEs and how Deloitte helps enterprises realize digital transformations.

According to Michael, Deloitte has been working with The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) for years on benchmarking state-owned enterprises against globally leading organizations. In 2019, Deloitte published Benchmark World-Class Enterprises, a book in which it defined world-class enterprises and their 10 core competence elements.

Michael put forward three suggestions for large SOEs looking at digital transformations: 1) analyze the challenges and priorities of digital transformation based on industry positioning; 2) understand that the three investment domains of SOE digital transformations include the enhancement of customer experience, digital platform establishment and data acquisition / processing / analytics; 3) realize cloud will play a crucial role in enterprise digital transformations.

At the end of his address, on behalf of Deloitte, he proposed comprehensive cooperation with Alibaba Cloud as well as other ecosystem partners to fully exploit market opportunities and reach mutually beneficial results.

Deloitte Consulting Cloud Service leading partner Michael Liu (Source: Alibaba Cloud)

Deloitte Consulting's Cloud Team Capabilities:

The Deloitte Consulting Cloud Team offers customized cloud-related services across strategy, operations and IT construction with comprehensive, cross-industry solutions. Our team will continue to leverage the most powerful cloud technologies, creative business models, and top talent in enterprise cloud excellence over the coming decades. We have a leading edge in the industry, with rich experience in consulting for the energy, manufacturing, consumer goods, media and telecommunications sectors.

Deloitte took the lead in developing comprehensive strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud in 2015, becoming the first multinational consulting company to establish a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud. In 2016, Deloitte became Alibaba Cloud's Global Diamond Partner. In 2019, Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud established a global strategic partnership and global alliance network.

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