Smart Finance Enhances Management Effectiveness, Deloitte Digital Services Brilliant SAP Annual Summit of Tobacco Industry

"Smart Tobacco, Excellent Operation" Tobacco Industry SAP Summit 2019

 At the moment when the country and tobacco industry enter into high-quality development, digital transformation and upgrading become the focus of industry development. How to use modern IT technology such as AI, automation and other scientific and technological means to improve the management efficiency of China's tobacco industry, to the road of intelligent operation has become a topic of common concern in the industry. This year, SAP continued to host the China Tobacco Industry Summit in 2019 on July 18, successfully held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chengdu on the theme of "Smart Tobacco, Excellent Operation".          

The summit gathered experts from Deloitte, Tencent Cloud, Neusoft and SAP in tobacco industry. Together with high level executives of tobacco manufacturing and sales units of China Tobacco Bureau, the summit conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the tobacco industry. Deloitte, as a partner of the Summit, was invited to attend the Summit, represented by consulting team led by Tony Ao, tobacco industry leader. Jin Rui, partner of consulting strategy& operation service line, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of smart finance.

Keynote speech in summit

Jin Rui, partner of Deloitte consulting strategy& operation service line, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Forecasting 2025 - Digital Finance World" at the summit. Starting from the changes of various earth-shaking business forms brought about by technological changes in automotive, shopping, logistics, catering and other industries, he leads to the changes that technological progress will bring to financial operations, and predicts that digitization will lead the direction of financial changes in the future. Through sharing with the audiences eight trends of future financial management and how tobacco industry financial management should adapt to the trend to make changes. Jin Rui pointed out that automation and block chain technology will greatly simplify transaction processing in the future, and the vast majority of transactions will become mobile and paperless. The number of financial personnel will drop dramatically and the workload of personnel will be released. Therefore, in the future, the financial function will not only be the integration and reporting of figures, but also will evolve to a great extent into the role of strategy and decision-making. The boundaries between organizations and enterprises will gradually blur. Financial applications and micro-services will challenge traditional ERP systems, and the tobacco enterprises should be aware of this trend as soon as possible, predict the future and transform its operation mode.

Deloitte Night Gala Dinner

Roger Lu, Deloitte tobacco industry consulting director, made a speech with Mr. Yang Ming, Sales Director of SAP Tobacco Industry, on behalf of Deloitte as a partner of the Summit at the "Deloitte Night" gala dinner after the Summit. Deloitte will bring various digital transformation services, such as financial sharing service center, automation process and so on, to Chinese tobacco industry customers by virtue of rich implementation experience, professional team and high-quality service ability, to help them create a smart financial platform, improve management efficiency and win the future.

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