Deloitte Drives Cloud and Digital Transformation at Alibaba Cloud Summit Guangdong

The Alibaba Cloud Summit 2019 was held in Guangzhou on 2-3 December. Deloitte was invited to the summit as an alliance partner. Deloitte China Southern Region Mainland Managing Partner Tom Kwok and Deloitte China Cloud Service Lead Partner Michael Liu attended the summit together a team. They demonstrated the Consumer Asset Operation Solution jointly developed by Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud, and shared Deloitte's unique insights on cloud computing and enterprise digital transformation at the summit.

Deloitte China-Alibaba Cloud Consumer Asset Operation Solution offers comprehensive enterprise-level data operation mechanism and applications for clients. The solution is enabled through insights from data of core business segments such as consumer and supply chain, as well as business transformation advisory based on Alibaba Cloud's data middle platform products. Through the solution, the clients would benefit from data visualization, data services and data tagging to drive enterprise data-driven business process.

Certified by Alibaba Cloud, the solution demonstrates Deloitte China Consulting's professional services capabilities and industry leadership in enterprise digital transformation. With successes in delivering multiple iconic engagements, the solution could further cover wider markets and clients, and would grow into a more industry-oriented and business-customized solution through constant innovation.

During the summit, Michael Liu, was interviewed by three new media.

Speaking of Guangdong and GBA markets, he said that Guangdong's cloud industry is on the cusp of a period of high-speed growth. Over the past two years, more and more large enterprises started to engage and implement cloud. They are growing less concerned on data security, and become more aware of the benefits that cloud could bring. As such, cloud migration of large enterprises is expected to speed up. (Yangcheng Evening News, Bringing key systems on cloud, large enterprises in Guangdong are rushing to the cloud?, 18 December 2019)

He also pointed out that advantages of cloud in enterprise application are threefold: firstly, it enables consumer-based digital marketing; secondly, it helps enterprises build up data centers and drives growth of other businesses; thirdly, enterprises could effectively reduce cost, enhance quality, and improve business efficiency in daily operations through cloud. (Information Times, Liu Junlong: Three main advantages of cloud in enterprise application, 4 December 2019)

Deloitte China Southern Region Mainland Managing Partner Tom Kwok, Deloitte China Cloud Service Lead Partner Michael Liu and the team at Deloitte booth (left photo from Alibaba Cloud)

In addition to demonstrating the joint solution with Alibaba Cloud, Deloitte also delivered speeches and shared insights at the summit.

In the Smart Transportation Session, Deloitte Consulting's Automotive Sector Senior Manager, Zhou Quan, delivered a speech themed as "Smart Mobility Drives Digital Transformation for Transportation Enterprises". He provided an outlook of the profitability issue that mobility companies are facing, and pointed out that digital transformation is an inevitable trend. He also introduced digital solutions and tools jointly developed by Deloitte, Alibaba Cloud and AutoNavi, including Map Analyzer, Smart Finance, Intelligent Vehicle Service and IT setup & deployment solutions, and presented relevant cases. We believe that the alliance of Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud is set to create even greater values for clients through digital solutions.

In the Ecosystem Partnership Session, Deloitte Consulting's Cloud Service Team Manager, Remix He, delivered a speech titled "Data Middle Platform Enables Consumer Assets Operation". Combining the Deloitte-Alibaba Cloud joint solution for data middle platform, he shared Deloitte's methodology and achievements in delivering data platforms in consumer operations, including how to leverage Alibaba Cloud's Dataphin, Quick Audience, QuickBI and other tools, as well as Deloitte's extensive experience in advisory to deliver business data intelligence for clients. He said that, as a good cut-in point for enterprises to start their digital journey, data middle platform would drive efficient transformation in business, IT, organization and other areas through continued iteration.

About Deloitte China's Cloud Service
Deloitte China's Cloud Service Team offers end-to-end cloud services and solutions covering cloud strategy, cloud architecture, implementation, managed service, operation and maintenance. We leverage cutting-edge cloud technologies, innovative business models, and top talents to help enterprises achieve cloud excellence with extensive experience in industries including energy, manufacturing, consumer goods, media and telecommunications.

In 2015, Deloitte took the lead in developing comprehensive strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, and was the first international consulting firm to establish strategic collaboration with it. In 2016, Deloitte was certified as Alibaba Cloud's Global Diamond Partner. In 2019, Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud upgraded their cooperation to global strategic collaboration and jointly established a global alliance network.

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Michael Liu
Deloitte China Southern Region Mainland Managing Partner Tom Kwok, Deloitte China Cloud Service Lead Partner Michael Liu and the team at Deloitte booth
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