"Intelligent Automobile, Creating the Future" Automotive Industry Seminar  

Promote intelligent process technology, look forward to digital future

On 5th November, Deloitte China and UiPath jointly organized the RPA and Process Bionics seminar of automotive industry "Intelligent Automobile, Creating the Future" in Beijing. Representatives from leading companies in the automotive industry, such as auto sales service, parts manufacturing and auto finance, were invited to attend the conference to discuss the strategic trend of digital transformation of the automotive industry, and exchange experience in the implementation of RPA and intelligent process in the enterprises. Mrs Jessie Zhang, UiPath Asia Pacific global partners director, and Mr. Leon Fan, Deloitte Assurance Digital Service Partner, said in a speech that with the continuous evolving of technology, traditional industries will face enormous changes from business model to enterprise operation and management in the future. On the one hand, enterprises need to be down-to-earth, solving practical problems through the combination of technology and business, and on the other hand, they need to look up at the starry sky, and be brave to innovate and embrace changes.

Mr. Andy Zhou, the managing partner of Deloitte automotive industry, was invited to attend and provide a speech. From a macro perspective, Andy analysed the policy orientation of domestic automotive industry and the trend of automotive market after the epidemic situation. He introduced Deloitte's Research Report on the theme of "Software defined Automobile – the impending industrial change" for the first time, and gave professional insights on the new trend of "software" in the automotive industry in the future.

Andy Zhou is delivering Automobile Digital Transformation Keynote Speech

The following sharing session was delivered with the theme of Intelligent automation technology and Process Bionics. Mr. Christophe Chen, Director of Deloitte Process Automation Services, and Mr. Josh Yang, Manager of Process Bionics, were invited to deliver speeches and share insights.

In view of the main problems faced by the large-scale implementation of RPA in enterprises, according to the Deloitte's global research result, Christophe demonstrated that the traditional single-scenario business process robots can no longer meet the needs of complex and changeable business scenarios of enterprises. Enterprises would need to establish RPA Center of Excellence and management mechanism suitable for their own development, and embed RPA as a part of enterprise technology platform. Meanwhile, Christophe also suggested enterprises of auto industry promote their digital transformation journey from the angle of business process reengineering, which includes process standardization, process automation and digital servitization. The attendees of the seminar also gave positive feedback on their current situation of enterprise RPA technology application.

Christophe Chen is delivering RPA Keynote Speech

Due to the continuous change of business models, more and more enterprises are facing the challenges of various systems, decentralized processes and lack of process efficiency assessment. Josh shared the actual implementation scheme of process mining technology and Deloitte's Process Bionics service in the automotive industry. With the help of process mining technology, Deloitte's Process Bionics services help enterprises sort out the business data across ERP systems, build a visual analysis panel for users at all levels, and provide end-to-end process diagnosis and optimization services.

Josh Yang is delivering Process Bionics Keynote Speech

The professional sharing and case analysis from the speakers gave us an in-depth understanding of how Deloitte’s digital transformation services can better empower the automotive industry. In the close communication with the attendees, Deloitte also provide customized suggestions and professional insights in many aspects.

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