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Corporate sustainability: WorldClimate

Climate change is not a choice. It’s billions of them.

Deloitte's global climate initiative aims to drive responsible climate choices within our organization and beyond. Deloitte is committed to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030.

Finnish WorldClimate iniatives:

  • Empowering our professionals with regular environment impact trainings
  • Our future office building We Land has received BREEAM Outstanding certification. 
  • We drive responsible climate choices within our organization and beyond.
  • We source 100% renewable electricity in all our offices. 
  • We have invested in digital technology and developed a travel policy that places sustainability on an even keel to employee experience and cost, to encourage digital collaboration over travel. 
  • We have developed choices of mobility that aims to reduce the impact of commuting and local journeys.
  • We also drive efficient operations and have a rolling programme of capital upgrades to our offices and set energy-efficiency standards when procuring new equipment. 
  • We monitor and manage our environmental metrics including energy, waste, travel and our carbon emissions. These underpin our sustainability program.

Our commitment areas and projects:

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