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How can companies embrace opportunities and stay safe in the digital era? Better is possible.

Karthi's story

All companies drive productivity and aim for a more sustainable future. To achieve these important goals, one must have the courage to seize opportunities when they arise. 

But with every opportunity, there is a risk. For the opportunities of the digital era, the risks are cyber risks. Our world has made unimaginable progress with technology: health care innovations, smart cities, and everyday digital experiences. All this great development was made possible via our digital connectedness and thus has an inherited risk of criminals causing devastation and chaos.    

Make no mistake, there is a constant barrage of cyber threats that are directed at us all. For us, fighting back means helping our clients be aware of the risks and understanding the big picture. It is our expertise, as well as our passion, to strategise with our clients, helping them secure their business, remain vigilant and become resilient. We make sure that our clients stay resilient as in the world today, it is not a matter of if you will get hit, but a matter of when you will get hit. When something does happen, we work together with our clients to help them recover. 

Ultimately, the impact we make goes so much wider than the corporate world. Cyber links back to everything and everyone – to my 9-year-old daughter using her iPhone and to an elderly person with a pacemaker. So, for me and my team, cyber includes a deeper purpose and an emotional connection. We are here to keep society and people safe and free to embrace the opportunities in life.  

It is an impact made with our hearts and minds. 


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Karthi Pillay | Cyber

Embrace opportunity, we will manage the cyber risks.

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