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My Deloitte story

Jean-Philippe Gouin, Director, Financial Advisory, Deloitte France

A LinkedIn recruiter connected Jean-Philippe with Deloitte France. A great project, strong team, truly global/local market positioning, a collaborative culture, and more are what he’s found since joining.

How did you come to join Deloitte France and how long have you been with the member firm?

I’ve been at Deloitte for about one year. Prior to that, I was with an HR Consulting company working in the area of reward consulting, and I was interested in finding a project in this area with a larger organization. I started to increase my network on LinkedIn, and that’s where I connected with Deloitte. A recruiter from the global partner and director talent acquisition team and I connected about a director position in my area of specialization with the French member firm. I was intrigued. An interview with the partner in charge of the practice and project and the hiring senior manager in Paris followed, and ultimately, I joined Deloitte France.


What was it during this interviewing process that made you decide you wanted to come on board?

Philippe Burger, Partner, Human Capital, Total Reward & Benefits, Deloitte France, gave a presentation describing the project and the Deloitte management style— having confidence in people and supporting them in their work. The idea of being part of a start-up project led by Philippe was very interesting. His point-of-view and aim to put together a strong team with a really high level of expectations appealed as well. From everything I heard in the presentation, it seemed that people at Deloitte wanted to work together and share their experience and knowledge. I also liked Philippe’s personality and what he was saying about management, and that was confirmation that I wanted to join the organization.


How has Deloitte delivered against your expectations since joining the organization?

Before joining, I read online about Deloitte’s Shared Values—integrity, outstanding value to markets and clients, commitment to each other, and strength from cultural diversity. The organization and people I’ve met really do live those values. Also, the quality and scope of support and resources available at Deloitte—IT, administrative, HR, and logistics—the reach of the global network, and the commitment to collaboration have been extremely impressive, and very different to what I had experienced with a smaller company.


People often describe Deloitte as a unique place to work. What is it that you believe makes it distinctive in the marketplace?

Something special from my point of view is that Deloitte is partner-owned. That allows the organization to take a long-term view on the business and investment in it. Unlike a public corporation, Deloitte seems not to be driven by structure or a quick return on investment. The global scope and alignment of the organization along with individual member firms that are close to and relevant in each local market is also a particularly powerful approach. And of course, there are the exceptional people, who are recognized not only for the revenues and results they generate, but also for their values and contributions to the larger community. I have had the pleasure to work with some very capable, ambitious, and skilled colleagues and strong leaders who respect and value those on their teams.

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