As One


As One

Individual Action, Collective Power

Five letters … two words … one idea that can help you realize the full power of your people.

იხილეთ სრულად

One of the most formidable challenges of business leaders is getting large groups of people to work productively towards a common purpose. For the past two years Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) has invested in a global research project to study this challenge and identify the conditions that lead to effective collaborations in a wide range of fields. The result is As One: Individual Action, Collective Power (Portfolio Penguin; 3 February 2011) by Mehrdad Baghai of Alchemy Growth Partners, and James Quigley, Global CEO of DTTL, with Ainar Aijala, Global Managing Director, DTTL Consulting; Sabri Challah, Vice Chairman and a senior partner in the Human Capital practice of Deloitte LLP in the United Kingdom; and Gerhard Vorster, DTTL Regional Managing Director for Consulting in Asia Pacific and the Chief Strategy Officer at Deloitte Australia.

As One debunks the myth that there are only two major styles of leadership: the traditional command-and-control model and the newer collaborative model. In reality, there are multiple styles of leadership, some or all of which may lead to more effective collaboration, depending on the situation.

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Excerpts from As One
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