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Business insight, built in

You come to Deloitte for domain, industry, and analytical insight. We build that insight into our cloud products and they, in turn, deliver it to your company every day.

Business-minded solutions

Cloud technologies allow you to address old challenges in new ways, but that doesn’t mean the challenges go away. Our commercial-grade, scalable software-as-service solutions address common yet vexing business problems in specific industries and across horizontal functions. As industry, regulatory, and market realities evolve, we keep pace through constant evolution and iterative deployment of product functionality and underlying methodology. We layer our solutions with world-class consulting services that help amplify value and identify emerging opportunities for competitive leaps.

As a result, you’re not just working in the cloud. The cloud is constantly remaking you.

A global leader in Cloud Consulting based on capabilities.

— ALM Intelligence1

Your analyst on the cloud

Our cloud solutions are developed specifically to help address pivotal issues that impact your bottom line. In other words, we focus on solving the business problems you face. The software follows.

Our cloud solutions are a suite of more than 15 independent applications that target specific business intelligence challenges in a truly agile, cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient way. By offering these on a subscription basis in a fully managed cloud environment, we help provide tangible results that can be sustained over time. Add to that the hands-on services of experienced consultants fluent in the realities of your business and market, and you have a recipe for transformative value.

A number of our solutions focus on issues common to enterprises across industries, developed through our extensive cloud consulting experience. Examples include:

  • ConnectMe: A single destination for HR services that can connect employees to what matters—from pay stubs to performance management and even to a self-service help desk.
  • CulturePath: A comprehensive diagnostic solution that helps organizations drive precise and targeted cultural change.
  • LaborWise: Helps executives easily analyze labor resources in new ways that can lead to real insights, enabled by deep workforce analytics capabilities, and data visualization techniques.
  • LeasePoint: A cloud-based lease management and accounting tool powered by IBM TRIRIGA© that will help companies comply with the FASB’s ASC 842 while providing the full suite of functionality for end-to-end lease portfolio management.
  • Polaris: A managed, on-demand solution customized for select industries and sectors that help unlock value potential and achieve an advantage in revenue management.

We also have developed a range of analytics solutions that focus on specific and complex needs in the health care industry. Solutions such as:

  • ConvergeHEALTH Miner: A suite of evidence management capabilities to help enable success across several domains inclusive of translational research and real world evidence.
  • ConvergeHEALTH Network Insight: Optimize physician networks, analyze, and deploy an optimal mix of practitioners that supports value-based, outcomes-centered care.
  • ConvergeHEALTH Revenue Intellect: A guided analytics platform designed to isolate, quantify, and prioritize revenue leakage sources for health care providers.
  • ConvergeHEALTH Patient Connect: A flexible platform that can deliver consistently, high-touch customer experience across channels, and helps enable adherence and care coordination to each patient’s full care network.
  • ConvergeHEALTH Safety: Offers life sciences organizations a pre-built set of cloud-based management and analytics tools to improve the pharmacovigilance process.

A global leader in Analytics IT Consulting based on capabilities.

— Kennedy2

Get to the future faster

Deloitte helps amplify value through its suite of cloud solutions

Our analytics solutions are an outgrowth of our extensive cloud consulting experience combined with in-depth industry and business practice knowledge.

Our user-centered approach to design and our you-centered approach to consulting together mean that we can speak to the needs of all your stakeholders.

By building our extensive proprietary toolkit on top of a scalable analytics platform, we can accelerate your time to value achieved.

Our analytics solutions can be deployed on a public, private, or on-premise platform, allowing fast and efficient integration within your IT environment.

Cloud solutions is one component of Deloitte’s end-to-end cloud services. For more insights and information across the cloud journey, please visit

A worldwide leader in Business Analytics Services based on ability to execute and completeness of vision.

— Gartner3

We get you to the cloud—and the future—faster. Learn more about our services.

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