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Transform your revenue cycle 

Increase operating margins while improving clinical effectiveness with Revenue Intellect™

The opportunity to identify hidden or hard-to-find sources of revenue loss within a health care organization is more possible today than ever before. Developed within Deloitte's Best in KLAS Revenue Cycle Transformation practice, Revenue Intellect helps you manage your revenue expectations and operating costs across your organization—allowing you to put value-based care at the center of everything you do.


Is the hospital of the future here today?

Transforming the hospital business model

The rapid adoption of virtual care and digital technologies and changing consumer sentiment during the COVID-19 crisis may echo throughout hospital business models long after the pandemic scales down. How can hospitals sustain this accelerated transformation toward the future?

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An unexpected head start on the future

In January 2020, the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions asked health care experts and futurists for their vision of hospitals of the future. How will they operate? What will be different from now? Then in April 2020—after the pandemic began—we spoke to physicians and hospital operations and technology executives to confirm our initial research and share insights on how we should be thinking differently in the aftermath of the pandemic.

What we found is that hospitals already began operating as hospitals of the future when they were forced to work remotely, treat patients virtually, and adopt new technology.

With this unexpected head start, companies are well on their way for planning for the future. Read Is the hospital of the future here today? to explore strategies your organization can put in place to get there, as well as three themes you can build upon:

  • Hospitals will have transformed business models
  • Care delivery models will be disrupted by ubiquitous data and technology
  • Smart spaces and digitally enabled hospitality will be essential

Keep scrolling to learn how our solution, Revenue Intellect, can help you manage revenue expectations and operating costs—both now and in the future.

Revenue Intellect™

Our Revenue Intellect™ solution is a cloud-based, guided-analytics platform that is designed to help maximize and sustain financial margin. Revenue Intellect enables users to Identify hidden or hard-to-find sources of revenue loss and access data, ranging from targeted analyses to free-form data exploration, to provide value to all levels of a health care provider's operational structure.

How Revenue Intellect can create an impact for your organization:

  • Preventative denials analytics: Compare financial performance across multiple metrics against benchmarks compiled from the entire Revenue Intellect client base. Compare current and past performance, while monitoring the effect of specific events (e.g., ICD-10).
  • Proactive underpayment avoidance: Count on constant updates to the analytics and functionality available within the solution, based on evolutions in the industry and advancements in technology. Our out-of-the-box targeted analytics solution is designed to answer needs specific to health care organizations like yours.
  • Continuous support: Get access to a dedicated, ongoing Deloitte revenue cycle expert to help with identifying insights within your data and working as a partner to improvement your initiatives.

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