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MyPath™ for Clinical: Enhanced Digital Clinical Trials

A platform that accelerates digital clinical trial execution

Better health outcomes start with stronger connections. ConvergeHEALTH’s MyPath platform effectively connects patients, caregivers, clinicians, investigators, and life sciences organizations to accelerate digital clinical trials, improve clinical trial matching, and drive retention.

Conducting clinical trials during a pandemic

COVID-19 has impacted the industry’s ability to conduct trials with broad travel restrictions, concerns about investigative site capacity, and most importantly patient safety considerations. US and international regulatory bodies have moved quickly to encourage the adoption of remote data capture and telemedicine capabilities with patient and investigator safety as paramount concerns.1

MyPath for Clinical is a cloud-based digital platform designed to accelerate the execution of digital clinical trials. It brings digital engagement, telemedicine via virtual consults, and the ability for remote data collection and compliance monitoring, to allow trial processes to proceed remotely during COVID-19, and help enhance the productivity and patient experience of trials once the pandemic is behind us. MyPath can improve engagement among patients, investigators, and clinical research associates (CRAs) through real-time data access, a convenient and effective user experience, and more digital direct-to-patient data collection and sharing. It can be used globally and tailored across study phases while supporting various therapeutic areas.

Improving engagement among patients, investigators, and clinical research associates

A patient-centric, cloud-based platform, MyPath improves engagement among clinical trial stakeholders. Creating a foundation for digital clinical trials, MyPath enables remote monitoring, real-time patient-reported data collection, and innovative techniques designed to engage patients. This approach makes digital clinical trials more efficient and effective while delivering a better experience for patients and investigators. An improved patient experience can help transform the clinical trial experience and open a path to virtual and pragmatic trials.

MyPath’s modular capabilities are delivered via a single, connected platform that can be used globally and tailored across study phases while supporting various therapeutic areas.

MyPath delivers:

  • Behavioral nudges: Positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions as a way to influence patient behavior and decision-making
  • Health record connectivity: A richer view of medical history that leverages available EMR integrations
  • Dashboards and insights: Data visualizations appropriate for patients and caregivers, leveraged to provide insights based on longitudinal data
  • Clinical trial matching: Information on new clinical trials and potential matches for patient participation

Why ConvergeHEALTH MyPath for Clinical?

Better-supported patients lead to better real-world evidence—and stronger outcomes. That’s why we designed MyPath to facilitate and improve the sharing of information among patients, investigators, and sponsors in a way that transforms the overall clinical experience. MyPath achieves this by:

  • Connecting patients, investigators, and sponsors through personalized education and actions, communication, and dashboards that deliver a real-time understanding of the clinical trial process and more data-driven conversations
  • Enabling more direct patient data capture in hybrid virtual and digital clinical trial designs, reducing the burden on the patient and eliminating common barriers to clinical trial recruitment and retention
  • Creating transparency and access by investigators and sponsors to real-time patient data, providing a simplified path to adherence, compliance, and study data

The MyPath for Clinical difference

MyPath connects life sciences companies to new sources of value with a global digital trial platform focused on driving innovation, engagement, and more efficient digital clinical trials. With a common platform, users benefit from:

  • Accelerated recruitment and enhanced patient participation
  • More flexibility with innovative digital, hybrid and virtual clinical trial designs
  • Improved patient adherence, protocol compliance, and outcomes
  • A comprehensive view with integrated engagement and evidence strategy
  • Real-time insights and connections among patients, investigators, and care teams
  • Consistency and efficiency across disease area and programs


1 Guidance on the management of clinical trials during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, version 3 28/04/2020, European Medicines Agency, Commission européenne/Europese Commissie,

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