ConvergeHEALTH MyRateFinder

Transform price transparency
data into a categorical advantage for your business

MyRateFinder empowers health care and life
sciences organizations by activating price
transparency data through advanced analytics
and real-time market intelligence for a
strategic advantage.

Why ConvergeHEALTH™ MyRateFinder?

Unlock advantage with price transparency data

With health care pricing data flooding the market due to several landmark regulatory actions in recent years, there is a renewed imperative to use this information to gain a strategic advantage. Health care organizations who can activate transparent information to influence consumer behavior, impact overall health economics, and harness competitive dynamics will usher in the Future of Health.

Analyzing and drawing actionable insights from this pricing data will soon be table stakes for all players in the health care ecosystem. But how do you turn this information parity into an advantage for your business?

MyRateFinder™ is a cloud-based product that pairs our world-class domain knowledge with proprietary health care analytics to ingest, normalize, and transform price transparency data, generating an empirical narrative that informs and defends your business strategy. Fact-based, real-time health care market intelligence—paired with our unique insights—improves decision-making and empowers organizations to take a fresh look at their pricing strategies to make health care more affordable while remaining competitive.



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A proven approach that makes an impact

Turning information parity into a strategic advantage requires an experienced, multi-disciplinary team covering operations, technology, analytics, data engineering and actuarial science, who come together and leverage MyRateFinder to uncover truly actionable insights.


Is the data statistically sufficient to analyze with confidence?

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Conduct comprehensive meta-analysis to enable identification of network files with sufficient data for your analytics needs.


Does the quality of the data meet the needs of the research questions?

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Conduct outlier detection to identify integrity issues and to enable cleansing and calculation with confidence.


Can data sets be compared on an apples-to-apples basis with any certainty?

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Conduct volume weighting and add national payment standards to enable comparability across data sets.


Most simply, what are the data and the overlying analytics saying?

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Augment pricing data with Deloitte’s health care data library, supplemental data, and intelligent analytics to deliver meaningful insight.


Can the insights be translated into an empirical narrative to inform strategy?

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Health care strategists, operators, technologists, and data scientists help translate insight to action to advance your business strategy.

The benefits



Continuous data mining

Data ingestion keeps pricing data up-to-date, ensuring accurate, timely analysis and decision-making agility.


Comparative insights

Interactive dashboards and self-service reporting compare pricing across defined cohorts for visibility into new and/or strategic opportunities.


Negotiated rate benchmarking

Slice pricing data for deeper reimbursement insights by network, market, competitor/peer, service line, and individual services to draw informed conclusions.


Data enrichment

Gain the ability to view and analyze price transparency data across thousands of machine-readable files, with enriched, standardized, and custom data sets, enabling more intelligent analytics.


Cloud-native solution

A cloud native approach allows for the use of modern dev-ops and infrastructure management processes, enabling dynamic scalability both up and down while minimizing cost and maximizing performance.













Value drivers

Enterprise benchmarking

How does your organization’s pricing compare to its peers?

We deliver custom, detailed market analyses to define your business strategy, arm you with insights for negotiations, and enable you to determine if contracts are under/overperforming.

Dispersion analysis

What prices and rates should you set for your organization’s services?

Our analytics platform generates insights into health care price dispersion, unlocking new growth and margin opportunities in hidden data.

Cohort creation

How does your organization compare to a defined cohort?

We provide transparency into geographies, health insurers, products/networks, organization types, and specific health care organizations for visibility into new and/or strategic market opportunities.

Anomaly detection

Are data quality issues and outlier rates skewing your results?

We detect and remove anomalous rates from benchmarking analysis to paint a more accurate picture of the market.









2 TB
of provider and payer price

transparency disclosures (MRFs) were ingested cleansed and normalized

8 files
of plan data

were ingested cleansed and normalized—greater than 1 TB of data

10 hospital

and 10 physician peers' market positions were identified

Case studies

MyRateFinder in action

See how health care organizations have leveraged MyRateFinder and our proven approach to refresh pricing strategies, gain a competitive edge, and drive value.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Connect with us to learn how ConvergeHEALTH™ MyRateFinder can meet your business needs.

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