MyPath™ for Hospital in Home: Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

Acute home care, virtual appointments, and in-home nurse visits

What if virtual and digital technologies could be used to offer acute hospital care in the comfort of a patient’s home? MyPath for Hospital in Home is an integrated solution which leverages ConvergeHEALTH’s Connected Patient Hub and an ecosystem of third-party technologies to provide remote monitoring, virtual appointments, and in-person nursing visits—all to create a safe, patient-centric care experience.


MyPath for Hospital in Home

Virtual hospital systems are the future to managing patients in an appropriate setting, creating a better patient experience, improving health outcomes,and managing costs appropriately. In order to fully step into the Future of Health, payers and providers need to work together to enable the development of effective, affordable virtual hospital systems.

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Redefining acute home care

Built on HIPAA- and GDPR-capable technologies, our solution jump-starts organizational readiness for caring for patients from home. It is not simply an expansion of conventional acute home care—it is a fundamental redefinition of it.

Clinical models: Supports more complex clinical models for servicing a higher-acuity baseline with care pathways and protocols specifically designed for conditions traditionally treated in hospitals


Care monitoring: Enables 24/7 remote patient monitoring and care through synchronous and asynchronous in-home virtual interactions with care team members using secure and HIPAA-compliant digital technologies, including a care management app


Technology-enabled: Leverages purpose-built, real-time technology capable of documenting portable inpatient-level care and integrates data from virtual touchpoints and RPM devices


Physician access: Enables comprehensive specialist coverage of complex patients via a virtual hospital under a range of care models


Clinical personnel: Enables use of higher-skilled clinicians trained in providing acute home care to complex patients, including operating sophisticated hospital equipment and administering acute care services


Supply chain: Manages an on-demand, responsive supply chain and network of vendors (e.g., durable medical equipment, labs, meds) to address changing patient circumstances and conditions in near-real time

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Convenience, security, and data-driven insights

MyPath for Hospital in Home integrates scalable technology built upon Deloitte’s award-winning ConvergeHEALTH patient engagement and analytics platforms to provide robust, end-to-end capabilities:

  • Modular, cloud-based architecture allows integration with existing EHRs, MHRs, and ERP systems.
  • Built using rigorous quality management system and software development processes under ISO 13485 certification.
  • Interoperable with major mobile platforms, supports connected devices, and enables omnichannel communications.

MyPath for Hospital in Home layers together multiple capabilities

MyPath for Hospital in Home includes end-to-end capabilities that integrate into your existing technology systems, workflows, and supply chains in order to create a seamless experience for patients, providers, and health system administrators.


Meeting the needs of patient, provider, and administrators

An integrated physical and digital care experience

The integrated components of MyPath for Hospital in Home work together to serve patients—both physically and digitally—by leveraging data at every touchpoint. What is it like for patients to experience continuous, high-quality, acute care at home? Meet Anna.


Powering the patient journey

MyPath for Hospital in Home: Remote patient monitoring in action

MyPath for Hospital in Home seamlessly integrates into the daily life of patients, from enrollment to discharge. Explore how MyPath powers—and empowers—Anna’s patient journey.

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