ConvergeHEALTH Revenue Intellect

Turn your health care data into actionable intelligence for improved profit margins

Revenue Intellect is a cloud-based, guided-analytics solution designed to help health care providers identify and drive performance improvements across the revenue cycle.

Why ConvergeHEALTH Revenue Intellect™?

Transform your health care revenue cycle

The complexity of being a revenue cycle leader continues to grow, with increasing emphasis being placed on managing concerns around rising health care costs, complex data management, tightening profit margins, and a decentralized and virtual workforce. It’s vital to leverage new-age technology that blends multiple sources of data to provide a streamlined, one-stop analytics tool to address the revenue-driven opportunities and challenges.

Revenue Intellect is focused on finding actionable opportunities to recapture and prevent revenue leakage. Our purpose-built technology platform can help you manage your business as effectively as possible with user-driven analytics. Supported by health care revenue cycle subject-matter advisers, our team will ensure you are optimizing and operationalizing the insights drawn from Revenue Intellect.



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Developed specifically for banks with up to $100 billion in assets, the ConvergePROSPERITY BankingSuite helps your business rapidly design, plan, provision, and deploy personalized products and services ahead of customer expectations, deliver data and new insights to customers to help improve money management, and scale to increase revenue and grow market share.

Driving impact across the health care revenue cycle

Revenue Intellect’s capabilities can be applied across the health care revenue cycle through dynamic and on-demand reporting, intelligent prioritization and segmentation, and high value-add human intervention to drive financial value and improve the patient experience.

5% improvement in revenue

40% reduction in denials

10% increase in labor efficiency











Revenue Intellect’s core functionality and insights tools

Revenue Intellect’s core functionality helps clients manage, identify, and drive performance improvement across the health care revenue cycle, focusing on finding opportunities for revenue optimization, cost containment, and patient satisfaction. Revenue Intellect offers at-the-elbow support, bringing a team of health care revenue cycle experts to help manage RI across your system and ensure you are drawing meaningful insights.


Denial Intelligence

Reduce denials through performance monitoring and dashboards, trending and analyses, and root causing.


Anomaly Detection

Use machine learning (ML) to scan data across multiple dimensions to identify pattern variance for escalation.


Vendor Management

Monitor activities and transactions driven by agencies to better manage outsourcing strategy.


Payer Responsiveness

Analyze remittances to understand deviations from anticipated response times to adjust workflow and escalate to payers.


Underpayment Discovery

Identify underpayment recovery opportunities through contract modeling and historic performance analytics.


Account Segmentation

Segment accounts into micro-targeted categories through prescriptive analytics to direct users to next action.


Cost-to-Collect Intelligence

Leverage historical user and account performance to predict cost to collect and inform viability of collection activities.


Smart Liability Estimation

Improve accuracy of patient liability estimation based on analysis of service types, payer contracts, and historic liability amounts.




Transform your revenue cycle with ConvergeHEALTH Revenue Intellect™

  • Transform your revenue cycle with Revenue Intellect™

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Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

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