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The Future of Health: Unlocking the Value of Digital Health Data

How Deloitte and AWS are helping transform health care

AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to find and subscribe to hundreds of products containing a range of data sets, including real-world data that is often inaccessible. In collaboration with AWS Data Exchange, Deloitte is addressing health care data challenges and offering services to help teams curate and share data in a secure and responsible way.

Realizing the potential of health care data

The lifeblood of biomedical research and innovation is rich health care data. Today, despite the increasing amounts of health care data generated, most health care data is inaccessible. For the data that is accessible, it’s hard to know who has the data, and when you find it, it’s difficult to obtain. This slows the pace of innovation and limits the potential to improve the lives of patients.

Pair with this the complexity of health care. The web of stakeholders is vast and the landscape is always changing. Just as new products and services get introduced into the market, so do new laws and regulations. How patients experience the health care system can vary greatly. Two patients in similar health may receive the same diagnosis but receive completely different care and have meaningfully different outcomes.

Whether you’re a physician, health plan, patient, or innovator, trying to decipher this complexity can be daunting. Perhaps even more frustrating is that we know real-world data (RWD) exists to help us learn, yet that data is largely inaccessible. And with the advent of genomics and wearable devices, data continues to grow at a staggering pace. But with the recent emergence of cloud computing and advanced analytics, the health care system is beginning to catch up and unlock this data’s value.

Together, Deloitte and AWS are working together to transform health care through data.*

*AWS Data Exchange prohibits sharing sensitive personal data (e.g. personal health information) as well as any personal data that is not already lawfully and publicly available.

Empowering life sciences and health care organizations with RWD and insights

Transforming data

Finding and acquiring data

Data stewardship and collaboration

  • The organizations that have the most valuable health care data are not in the business of data transformation and exchange. They don’t have the infrastructure or resources necessary to support data transformation and exchange on a larger scale.
  • Given the vast potential of their health care data, it’s often hard for organizations to know where to start. Many organizations don’t have good visibility into how their data might be useful to others and where opportunities to collaborate may exist.
  • The health care data ecosystem is highly fragmented. There’s no “one-stop shop” for researchers to search for and discover the health care data and data providers that meets their needs and achieves the necessary scale to do their research.
  • The current supply chain of data is inefficient—it’s manual, slow, and not tuned to the cloud environment that many businesses live in today.
  • Ensuring the privacy of patients and the security of patient data is the top concern among organizations contemplating making their real-world health care data sets more broadly available.
  • Governing the ethical use of health care data can be challenging as organizations strive to make their data available for mission-aligned use cases only.

Learn more about AWS Data Exchange and see a brief demo

Collaborating with AWS to build an efficient, robust, and secure health care data ecosystem

Deloitte can help your organization realize the value of your health care data. Our suite of services can help you curate your real-world data sources and then enable you to share that data in a secure and responsible way.

Deloitte’s Analytics & Cognitive (A&C) practice helps health care organizations extract, cleanse, abstract, de-identify, and transform their EMR, lab, registry, and other data into a unified data model that can easily be shared with others on AWS Data Exchange or within your own organization.

Deloitte’s Miner and OpenCloud platforms, when combined, create a powerful and secure managed cloud service, enabling a health care organization to share its data in an auditable, private, and secure environment with access to analytical tools.

  • Key tools:
    • Deloitte’s ConvergeHEALTH MinerTM
    • Third-party tools (R, Python Jupyter)
    • AWS cloud-native services
    • Deloitte platform management services
  • Key features: Integration with AWS Data Exchange, audit and reporting, specific use of the data (user certification), security- and role-based access for consumer and supplier users, out-of-the-box tools, data life cycle management, archiving and publishing of select deliverables


Six assumptions for measuring health disruption

The future of health is further along than some might think
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