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MyPath™ for Connected Care: Empowering patients with real-time connections to care teams

Optimize the care journey with smarter home care coordination.

Putting patients at the center of their care

ConvergeHEALTH’s MyPath for Connected Care patient care platform delivers these capabilities and more by enabling personalized treatment plans, more efficient workflows, and improved visibility of adherence to at-home care plans. With MyPath for Connected Care, providers, caregivers, and patients can enjoy easy, secure connections to trusted medical providers, resulting in smarter care that is more personalized, efficient, and effective.

Why MyPath for Connected Care?

  • Empowers patients on their own health journeys with their own devices in an easy to use interactive application thanks to Apple’s Health Kit
  • Establishes the foundation of a connected ecosystem to support patients and care teams at every stage and setting
  • Designs continuous strategies and builds capabilities that deploy patient-centered, virtual home care
  • Develops a robust health data collection process with a focus on care plan management
  • Provides a holistic, personalized approach to care plans, rather than telehealth and omni-channel

The MyPath for Connected Care difference

The future of virtual health are the connections it enables. Those connections take place via an enterprise-wide platform that links multiple capabilities and methodologies to create a unified, holistic patient experience.

ConvergeHEALTH’s MyPath for Connected Care solution builds on Deloitte’s foundation of health care experience, differentiated and impactful products and services, and industry-leading capabilities in customer experience design and data-driven personalization. Just as MyPath for Connected Care puts patients at the center of care, ConvergeHEALTH puts users at the heart of our solutions. Patients, providers, and payors can benefit from solutions designed to improve the health of members and patients, achieve time savings for physicians and care teams, and reduce readmission rates overall.

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Envisioning a Data-Driven, Consumerized Patient Experience

A data-driven approach that guarantees patient privacy will be essential to consumerizing the patient experience.
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