Elevate the Digital Patient Experience

ConvergeHEALTH Connect™ for Life Sciences sparks digital patient engagement

ConvergeHEALTH Connect (CHC) for Life Sciences is an industry-leading, high-touch digital solution built on Salesforce Health Cloud. This digital patient experience platform empowers companies to directly manage and deliver personalized patient engagement and support services across global markets, communication channels, and the full treatment ecosystem, improving adherence, care coordination, and outcomes. Explore how Deloitte delivers consistent, high-touch patient engagement and support across the full treatment ecosystem.


Patient engagement 2.0: How life sciences companies can take patient engagement to the next level

How can we create a holistic patient engagement capability ... supported by enabling technologies, secure data, and a unique experience personalized to meet each patient need?

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Digital patient experience platforms: Why now?

Clinical advances and digital innovations are dynamically reshaping the digital patient experience:

  • Specialty products and personalized therapies are driving the need for more integrated and sophisticated patient support services. Life sciences companies are looking for ways to help providers using their therapeutics to deliver optimal care. This can, in turn, help patients better manage their disease and complex medication regimens while reducing complications and related costs.
  • New digital patient experience platforms and ecosystems are intensifying patient expectations for support services and solutions that are coordinated, convenient, and personalized.1
  • Disruptions in traditional engagement practices are creating opportunities for life sciences companies to help the care team expedite, record, and track interactions to enable patient access to products and drive therapy adherence.

Many biopharmaceutical and medical device companies have historically outsourced their patient engagement functions to “hub” service providers. However, technology is driving a paradigm shift: Life sciences leaders increasingly want to directly manage the patient experience and engagement channels to deliver better care, monitor progress, enhance outcomes, and demonstrate value beyond the therapy itself.

As a result, we are seeing the emergence of fully in-house models, as well as hybrids, in which the biopharma or device company uses CHC for Life Sciences to “own” key portions of the patient journey and outsources less strategic call center functions. We are also seeing hub vendors purchase CHC for Life Sciences to enhance their patient engagement capabilities.

Solution capabilities to help improve digital patient experience

CHC for Life Sciences is currently supporting dozens of companies across numerous different countries and languages. Its industry-leading capabilities, honed over more than seven years of iterative development, are engineered to improve adherence care coordination and outcomes across the entire treatment ecosystem and patient journey.


Building patient services programs to deliver better experiences, therapy adherence, and improved health outcomes

Patient services programs are managed by Life Sciences organization for each therapy on the market. A comprehensive program generally includes services in five areas: financial, clinical, engagement, education and access to therapy.

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What are the benefits of using CHC for Life Sciences?

Our digital patient experience platform can:

  • Enable life sciences companies to manage and deliver engagement and support services directly to the patient
  • Accelerate patient onboarding and access to therapy
  • Engage, support, and educate patients to improve adherence to therapy and, ultimately, outcomes
  • Strengthen relationships among life sciences organizations, health care providers, patients, and other stakeholders
  • Reduce paperwork and administrative overhead; leverages insights from patient data to demonstrate business value
  • Decrease having to switch back and forth between systems by integrating third-party technologies into a single viewing pane


Case study: Helping a biopharmaceutical company with its digital patient experience

Deloitte received a 2019 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for Health Care and Life Sciences, being recognized for its innovative and transformational work with a large biopharmaceutical company. The client engaged Deloitte to create a leading patient engagement experience to optimize closed-loop patient communications, marketing, and service to maximize therapy onboarding and adherence.

The multichannel engagement was deployed in six countries. The client is already realizing significant time-saving reductions with faster, more effective campaign delivery. The organization has also reported lower campaign operational and patient call center costs and improved patient health outcomes.

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