MyPath™ for Health: The Next Generation of Patient Engagement Solutions

Innovative therapy management for chronic disease patients

MyPath for Health is a digital health care network that connects patients, caregivers, providers, and life sciences organizations to deliver comprehensive therapy management services across the patient journey. By transforming the patient experience, MyPath for Health can help improve outcomes and cultivates real-world data for breakthroughs in chronic and complex diseases.

Inspired therapy management in the digital age

Living with a chronic condition can be complex, intimidating, and comes with many symptoms, side-effects, and treatment protocols. To navigate their path to better health, patients need new ways to manage their increasingly complex care journeys.

In an era when patient-centric technology is empowering patients to manage their own care, there is a growing body of evidence showing the value of digital and patient engagement solutions, including patient engagement tools, patient-centric technology, digital health care networks, and wearable devices in health care.

These advances create significant opportunities for patients and providers, but also require a new way of thinking and novel strategies to be successful. The key is to start with the patient—with the goal for patients to be more empowered, better supported, and thoroughly inspired through innovative therapy management.

Why ConvergeHEALTH MyPath for Health? Patient engagement solutions put patients first

Health information is only as useful as it is accessible. ConvergeHEALTH’s MyPath for Health provides access to personalized information and patient engagement solutions that gather and share information across the care team. For clinical trials, the MyPath for Health solution is designed to provide remote monitoring, real-time patient-reported data collection, and techniques to keep patients engaged, making virtual trials more efficient and effective while delivering a better experience for patients and investigators.

Built on top of a leading platform in patient services, ConvergeHEALTH’s MyPath for Health offers people comprehensive digital solutions for more effective therapy management. And better supported patients often lead to better outcomes and better real-world evidence.

Discover the MyPath for Health difference

We are a digital partner in care for patients. With MyPath for Health, organizations are better equipped to support and empower patients to understand their health status and be their best selves.

We provide a central connected platform for patients and their care teams. This connected platform provides dashboards for more real-time understanding and data-driven conversations.

We help organizations generate longitudinal data sets to drive science forward. With MyPath for Health, organizations can cultivate longitudinal data where analytics and predictive algorithms drive insights that propel discovery breakthroughs.

Key features:

  • Personalized educational materials
  • Influential behavioral nudges
  • Integration to available electronic health records
  • Improved care plan management
  • Innovative clinical trial design and matching
  • Valuable care team connections
  • Visual dashboards and insights
  • Intuitive medication and symptom tracking

Realize the benefits of the patient-centric ecosystem

By creating a digitally enabled connection between patients and their care teams, MyPath for Health can help change what it means to live with debilitating diseases. Here’s how ConvergeHEALTH MyPath for Health can empower patient engagement and improve therapy management:

  • Utilizes behavioral science techniques and intelligent tools to improve patient adherence and outcomes
  • Generates a novel source of real-world evidence and downstream insights from predictive algorithms
  • Enables innovative clinical trial designs using enhanced connectivity to improve the potential for clinical trial matching and accelerated recruitment
  • Advances collaborative relationships across health care leading to a more valued role in the broader health ecosystem
  • Transcends patient services and R&D through an integrated engagement and evidence strategy
  • Creates a common core platform that drives consistency and efficiency across disease areas and programs

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