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LeasePoint™, powered by IBM TRIRIGA©, combines Deloitte’s leasing, industry, and technical knowledge into one pre-configured, end-state software-as-a-service system to help you realize greater lease portfolio visibility faster while managing to compliance with new lease accounting standards. All at a lower cost than many traditional alternatives.

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Real estate is a critical piece of an organization’s business, and thinking of it strategically has the potential to add significant value to the bottom line.

Explore strategies for turning your lease portfolio into a profit driver, not a cost center.

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Deloitte’s LeasePoint can provide a new view of lease accounting and lease management for your organization. If you have 500+ asset or real estate leases, Deloitte can help you meet compliance needs and improve lease portfolio performance.

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. A few words on the far-reaching implications of the lease standards announced in 2016

For many companies, FASB ASC 842, Leases, could have far-reaching impacts on their balance sheet and income statements. Both lessees and lessors are likely to face significant, additional reporting and management burdens.

Possible impacts of ASC 842 could include:

  • Multinationals having to keep two different financial books
  • Lease administration operational and financial process changes
  • Credit ratings being affected
  • Changes to EBIDTA, debt covenants, and other KPIs such as debt to equity
  • Negative impact on ability to borrow money

New lease accounting standards may require companies to:

  • Recognize and add most leases to the balance sheet
  • Collect and reclassify certain leases
  • Report lease holdings quarterly
  • Aggregate data across multiple technology platforms
  • Abstract paper lease documents to digital versions
  • Recalculate KPIs such as EBITDA, return on assets, and debt to equity
  • Renegotiate debt covenants with lenders due to changed debt ratios

Explore the results of a Deloitte poll on companies’ preparedness to comply with the new lease accounting standards.

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Minimize lease accounting risk with proper lease management

Too often, companies we talk to don’t have the portfolio visibility and proper lease administration practices they need to be confident in the decisions they make every day around portfolio optimization, strategy, and management.

With an intelligent SaaS tool like LeasePointTM–combining IBM TRIRIGA’s leasing capability with Deloitte's leasing technology experience–you’re enabled to proactively manage your entire lease portfolio and get insight into potential future performance, while complying with new lease accounting standards.

With LeasePoint, the potential bottom-line benefits include:

  • Mitigation of lease accounting risk
  • Lower cost of implementation than on-premise installation
  • Single source of truth for lease portfolio information
  • Better business intelligence leading to better decision making
  • Proactive, versus reactive, lease portfolio management

As a SaaS solution, LeasePoint blends best-in-class software with a scalable, cloud-based platform that can be implemented rapidly, and includes all licenses, product support, and upgrades in one subscription fee.

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Better lease management and lease accounting starts with having the right data, in the right location, in the right format.

What makes LeasePoint different?

At the end of the day, we’re here to help you avoid saying “I wish I would have” six months from now

  • I wish I would have known how long it would take to locate and abstract all my lease data.
    If yours is like many organizations, crucial lease data is scattered amongst various spreadsheets, technology systems, and even desk drawers. Collecting, organizing, and cleansing all that data isn’t a weekend project. There may even be gaps in the leasing data that prevents compliance with new regulations or even creates errors in ASC 842 schedules that mandates re-abstraction, which can take months for even a small portfolio. Start today.
  • I wish I would have known that the path to compliance included accounting, lease administration, IT, and real estate working together.
    As journalist and best-selling author William H. Whythe once said, "The great enemy of communication, we find, is the illusion of it.” Proper lease administration practices are crucial to helping ensure that reporting is accurate and fault-free. It’s important that multiple internal groups are on the same page around a solution that will help achieve the needed portfolio visibility and accuracy. This will minimize risk and make everyone’s job, and life, easier.
  • I wish I would have known the benefits of a single, integrated technology solution that could address abstraction, administration, and accounting.
    As the number of systems holding your data increases, so does margin for error. One system to manage all your lease-related data means a consistent experience across all users and leases, driving a common understanding of issues and a common interpretation of the standard and potential solutions, while leading to consistent strategy-setting and execution.
  • I wish I would have taken Deloitte seriously when it said, “don’t let yourself get caught saying these things six months from now.”
    We’ll never say “we told you so.” But we’re here, now, to give you confidence that six months from now, you’ll be in a position where compliance is less seen as a threat, and more as an opportunity for overall better lease management that can help you potentially realize value not seen previously.

Have 500+ real estate or asset leases?

Additional resources

  • For more information on the new lease accounting standards, please visit this webpage on operationalizing the new standards.
  • Our Accounting & Reporting Transformation professionals can help your organization navigate the operational issues associated with implementing the standard, including end-to-end assistance ranging from assessment to implementation and operationalization.
  • Deloitte’s Real Estate & Facilities Management Transformation practice helps organizations across industries address some of their most complex and challenging real estate issues. We assist companies in building the business case for real estate decisions, devise and execute implementation road maps, and measure effectiveness against internal expectations and industry benchmarks along the way.

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