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Location and footprint matters

A company’s full potential can be realized when its assets are optimally located. Location decisions are long-term and involve significant financial commitment and risk, which makes a sound location strategy a critical component of a company’s overall business strategy.

Strategic moves

Most organizations recognize that geography is a key driver of corporate performance. Yet many organizations maintain ineffective and inefficient footprints that can hamper talent attraction and retention, increase operating costs, reduce operating flexibility, overexpose them to risk, and depress shareholder value.

Additionally, most companies lack mechanisms to effectively evaluate and react to business changes. Some make footprint decisions at the subenterprise (e.g., business unit or regional) level, while others allow inertia to set in, performing the same functions in the same geographies while the world changes around them.

Many companies simply associate footprint decisions with real estate and miss the opportunity to optimize talent, cost, and risk solutions for each and every corporate function and asset.

By enhancing “locational awareness,” holistically evaluating the corporate footprint, and implementing an enterprisewide location and footprint strategy, companies can more efficiently position assets in the right place at the right time and strike a balance between market access, talent availability, risk mitigation, and cost containment.

An enterprisewide location and footprint strategy can help companies stay several steps ahead as the business grows and expands its global reach.


Location Strategy services

Deloitte’s Location Strategy practice helps companies across industries address some of their most complex and challenging location and footprint issues. We are objective location advisers—not brokers seeking to gain from a real estate transaction. We stay firmly focused on our clients’ priorities while developing and executing location strategies that add value and mitigate risk.

Our broader team has worked in countries around the world, guiding multibillion-dollar deployment investments, with many practitioners speaking multiple languages. In addition, our practice leaders are highly involved in industry organizations, serving as board members and holding industry-recognized accreditations, including, but not limited to, the Site Selectors Guild, AIA, CCE/A, CCIM, LEEP AP, PE, and PMP.

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Our services include:

With more than 9,000 site selection projects completed since our practice’s inception in 1919, our broad experience and global team of specialists enable us to advise clients through the most complex location strategy and site selection decisions.

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