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COVID-19 lessons learned and implications for corporate real estate in order to thrive

Series of perspectives for corporate real estate leaders

As organizations have gained line of sight to a world beyond COVID-19, attention has shifted to making decisions that will shape corporate real estate footprints and operations in the new normal. To inform better, faster decision-making in light of where things stand today with the pandemic, we have identified several key areas business and corporate real estate leaders should be thinking about today to thrive.

Corporate real estate in the new normal

In many respects, the pandemic accelerated preexisting trends that shape how organizations understand location needs and demand for space, services, and amenities. At the same time, supply-side considerations have changed, including landlord and tenant dynamics; the country, state, and regulatory context; cost constraints; and options for technology deployment. Given this environment, we’ve organized our perspectives into two major buckets:

  • Thriving: Taking the long view, there are three areas leaders should be thinking about today, and you can explore each of them below, then download a fuller commentary on each one.
  • Recovering: There are a few key practical areas that we’ve been talking about since earlier on in the pandemic and that are likely still relevant for many companies today. You can explore each of these areas below as well.

What’s next for corporate real estate?

Listen to recorded webcast from October 2021

Thrive considerations for corporate real estate

Recovery considerations for corporate real estate

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