Corporate Real Estate Transformation and Technology

Aligning real estate, business strategy, and technology

A company’s real estate is often underutilized, inefficient, and unable to meet the needs of the workforce. Deloitte’s Corporate Real Estate Transformation and Technology services help organizations address these issues by developing strategies and implementing programs to improve service delivery, mitigate risk, and enable the future of work.

Why real estate transformation matters and what’s at stake

Real estate is one of the most significant assets and expenses on many large companies’ balance sheets. Corporate real estate (CRE) functions within these companies face disruptive challenges and opportunities, including the changing nature of work, unrelenting cost pressures, and emerging real estate technology trends. Addressing corporate real estate comprehensively can prevent value erosion and provide bottom-line benefits for the broader enterprise.

Digital real estate transformation

We take a data-driven approach to designing purposeful workplace experiences. This includes a comprehensive portfolio strategy, as well as a cohesive CRE operating model and organizational structure that come together to enable business strategy. Our approach spans the entire process: beginning with initial efforts that build the business case through implementing the transformation of facilities management. We help address questions such as the following:

  • How do we adapt the real estate and workplace portfolio to changing business dynamics, disruptive technology trends, and the future of work?
  • How can data analytics improve operations and lead to savings?
  • What is the impact of controlling real estate and facilities costs?
  • How can a restructured service delivery and outsourcing model improve performance?
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Smart buildings and a digital workplace

We work with companies to develop integrated smart building and digital workplace strategies to fine-tune real estate operations while providing the workforce with more efficient and productive places to do their best work. Our holistic approach offers organizations an integrated solution, including initial assessment and strategy development, technology selection and implementation, and ongoing support. We help address questions such as:

  • How do we leverage real estate technology to respond and adapt to future disruptions in the workplace or workforce?
  • How can we monitor occupancy and utilization across spaces, including individual and shared spaces, to improve efficiency?
  • How can we more proactively maintain and transform facilities management and reduce energy usage?
  • How can we engage our employees and enhance collaboration in the workplace to improve employee productivity, morale, and well-being at the office?
  • How can we continue to utilize our real estate to attract top talent as our workforce changes and adapts over time?
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Real estate technology enablement

We work with companies to deliver on their most transformative ambitions, from business transformation to technology enablement, by delivering leading integrated workplace management and enterprise asset management capabilities. This may include IT assessments and strategy development efforts, IT vendor evaluations and platform implementations, as well as analytics and long-term system support. We help address questions such as:

  • How can we improve alignment of space allocation and space utilization to reduce cost and drive workplace efficiency?
  • How can we align technology to eliminate disparate and misaligned work efforts across the real estate footprint?
  • Should we pursue a best-of-breed technology model for the corporate real estate function? Or should we proceed with deployment of an integrated workplace management system (IWMS)?
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