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Deloitte Tohmatsu Talent Platform Co., Ltd.

Deloitte Tohmatsu Talent Platform Co., Ltd. (“DTTP”) provides personnel who are able to assume important roles in the internal operations of a company’s finance department for a specified period of time under tailored conditions.

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What is the Deloitte Tohmatsu Talent Platform?

We offer Contract Personnel ("CP") Services to address the planned or unplanned shortage of experienced staff due to a new project launch or the resignation of critical team members.

DTTP provides highly-skilled personnel who can assume essential roles in the internal operations of a company's Accounting & Finance, Technology & Project Management, and HR & Payroll departments for a specified period under tailored conditions. DTTP CP's engagement team supports the company's internal operations and examines the state of current business operations. As part of our solution, our team can suggest system or process improvements based on your company's unique circumstances.

DTTP is a firm that specializes in sourcing high-level specialists to support on-site activities in a company's accounting, technology, HR and other related departments. DTTP is a member of the Deloitte network, which offers the CP Service globally and boasts a successful track record worldwide. Based on Deloitte's global success and experience, DTTP is thrilled to bring the CP Service to our Japan-based clients (not covered by this service: Deloitte's audit clients).

Service offerings

In the case where a company needs to:

CP Service provides personnel with:

  • Replace a finance manager or other management-level employee who unexpectedly left the company or took a leave of absence.
  • Temporarily increase staff to support a heavier workload during a busy season, i.e., at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Supplement members of certain quality and quantity for a sudden or unexpected project.
  • Install new internal processes for an Account/Tax rule change and/or develop a new training scheme for migrating operations in a global restructuring.
  • Review internal processes in conjunction with the outsourcing of internal operations.
  • Management-level experience in Finance, e.g., Managers, or Controllers, etc.
  • Experience in different industries, employment structures, departments or company sizes.
  • Fluent language skills to communicate with head offices outside Japan.
  • Experience in consulting, advisory, or audit services
  • Project management experience
  • Experience in outsourcing business
  • Qualifications and professional licences (CPA, tax professional, certified internal auditors, certified information systems auditors, etc.)


Note: These are onsite services but can be provided even in the remote work environment (due to COVID-19).


Advantages of using DTTP’s CP Service

  • Fill the open position flexibly in case your internal project starts or a manager resigns unexpectedly.
  • Provide unique specialists, e.g. industry/subject matter experts, right when they are needed, even for the professionals that cannot easily be found as permanent employees.
  • Help optimize a company’s organization by working as a member of the team.
  • Work on project tasks on site and suggest outside perspectives for improvements.
  • Provide introductions to other Deloitte’s services, such as Tax, Risk & Financial Advisory and Consulting to address potential issues, and provide tailored solutions.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Deloitte Tohmatsu Talent Platform Co., Ltd.
February, 2019
President and Representative Director : Hiroshi Ueda
Shin Tokyo Building, 3-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Job opportunities(Freelancers)

Deloitte Tohmatsu Talent Platform Co., Ltd. is a specialized firm that provides "Contract Personnel (CP) Services" to a wide range of positions from managers, such as finance managers, controllers, and project managers, to senior staff and staff levels. We provide services to various clients including foreign-affiliated companies.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from professionals who are currently active as freelancers through below button.

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We are Talent team

At DTTP Talent Team, we support freelancers' success while working on the projects. Our Talent Team provides opportunities to reconnect you with life-long learning.

Through 1-on-1 consultations, we identify your strengths, goals, and perspectives you prioritize. We use a skill-based approach to identify foundational or adjacent skills, then unlock the power of Deloitte Global Learning & Development to grow the capabilities you need to invest in your success. We provide continuous support for project participation and professional development.

For freelancers whose fields tend to be in flux, DTTP will always be a home for you.

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