Permanent Employee Recruitment Service

Recruitment service exploiting the network of Deloitte Tohmatsu Group to the full extent

We support your company to successfully achieve the employment goal for permanent members, with a team of human resources consultants with rich experiences and various knowledge built to support client companies who seek the best talent, exploiting the network of Deloitte Tohmatsu Group.

Reasons why Deloitte Tohmatsu Talent Platform (DTTP) is chosen

  1. Consultant with professional skills and rich experience in charge
    Our consultants in charge of client companies are top class professionals who have achieved outstanding success in leading employment agencies. We have consultants dedicated for each industry, and they will support your company with care with their deep knowledge of each industry’s environment.
  2. Capability to reach high-class talent
    As a member of the Deloitte network with firms in more than 150 countries around the world, DTTP has a prominent level of recognition in the market. With our trust developed as a group, we can reach high-class talent and meet your various employment needs.
  3. Presenting Deloitte alumni talent
    Deloitte Tohmatsu Group has a number of professionals in tax accounting, legal affairs, human resources, administration, management consulting, and IT.

We have a network with our alumni professional members as well.
We regularly set meetings with alumni members, which have led us to proposal of a wide variety of professionals to client companies.

Permanent Employee Recruitment Service(PDF,389KB)

Service details

Recruiting regular employees

We have specialist teams familiar with each industry. While introducing talent with the matching skills based on our expansive Deloitte Tohmatsu Group network and deep understanding of industries and job positions, we support the long-term activities of those hired with our own consulting.

Searching for executives

This service introduces leaders that will serve at the top of businesses and foster organizations. Using our own ability to research business management, together with our clients we deepen our understanding of their corporate culture, direction, and business models and look for talent, reach out to them, and get them to decide to apply for a position. Additionally, we will suggest not just conventionally targeted candidates but optimal candidates who have acquired diverse experience and skills that will be strong allies in developing businesses as new potential.

<Flow of our proposal for recruitment>
  1. Through interview and research, we deepen our understanding of your company culture, business model, and direction your company aims for.
  2. We reach potential talent, utilizing our network with executive- level professionals.
  3. We convince candidates to apply for the job.
  4. We arrange job interviews.
  5. We provide further support for highly matched candidates towards the successful employment.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

As recruiting methods continue to diversify and become more complex, we carry out services where we recruit for companies according to their various challenges and needs with the objective of optimization and reducing costs. More specifically, we offer a wide range of services for companies including planning for recruitment, sending out scout messages, conducting interviews, and following up after interviews. Please be assured that we will suggest the services.


To Job Seekers,

Deloitte Tohmatsu Talent platform (DTTP) will flexibly accommodate your needs and support for your successful job change.

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Hiro Ueda

Hiro Ueda

President and Representative Director

Certified Public Accountant (Licensed in the state of California) Hiro has over 25 years of experiences in the professional service industry; including 9 years with Los Angeles office of Deloitte wher... More