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Diverse Life / Workstyle

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group has holistic support schemes and systems to enable diverse and sustainable ways of working for our diverse members especially in various life events (e.g., childbirth, childcare, family-nursing, treatment etc.)

Raising children

Diverse and tailored supporting systems for various stages from pre-pregnancy to childcare are in place, with various certifications such as “Kurumin” and “Eruboshi” (Click HERE for details on certifications).

  • Reproductive health support (fertility treatment, egg freezing, etc.)
  • Pre- and postpartum classes
  • Return-to-work seminar for those in parental leaves
  • In-office Mother's Room for pregnant members to rest and for those pumping milk and freezing storage
  • Parenting community and networking opportunities
  • Benefit programs for various support such as babysitting, housekeeping etc.
  • Childcare concierge
  • Parental leave (extra leaves granted than the statutory amount)
  • Promotion for parental leave (Handbooks with various cases and stories, Townhalls and Leaning Sessions on paternity leave etc.)
  • Family engaging events


Family Nursing Care

  • Caregivers’ community and networking opportunities
  • Benefit programs such as nursing care and housekeeping services
  • Caregiving leaves (extra leaves granted than the statutory amount)


Other Support Systems

  • Various mental health support systems (E-learning course, Employee Assistance Program for consultation and counseling by clinical psychologists, industrial counselors, career consultants and other specialists, etc.)
  • Support for victims of Domestic & Family Violence in partnership with external professional organizations 
  • Support scheme and leaves for Menopause
  • Various seminars and events (paternity leave, menopause, reproductive health etc.) *Further details from HERE.


Ways of working

We are promoting flexible working styles to meet individual needs, including working from home and flexible working programs.

*Same-sex partners are also defined as spouses in our benefit programs, such as congratulatory/compassionate leaves, spousal parental leaves etc.

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