Deloitte Cyber Trend & Intelligence Report 2022

The start of 2022 was an omen for heightened cyber risks soon to come. In the new year, rising tensions between countries increased geopolitical risks, and auto parts manufacturers fell victim to ransomware that ultimately forced affiliated original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to shut down their production lines.

International conflicts and cyberattacks have also shifted. A new form of cyber warfare between countries is emerging in the unprecedented structure of “cyber armies” composed of hacktivists in addition to civilians recruited by states to participate in attacks on other countries and their critical infrastructure.

The ransomware epidemic has also continued to wreak havoc since last year on an ever-expanding path of destruction that shows no signs of abating. A food delivery trade association, of which roughly half of the residents of Nara Prefecture are members, fell victim to a ransomware attack in October 2022, and media reports indicate that food deliveries will likely remain suspended for an extended period. Double extortion ransomware, a subcategory of ransomware, targets vulnerable or improperly configured devices from an internet connection standpoint at random, regardless of industry or target demographic, and it has proven to be able to significantly impact our everyday lives.

The OEM incidents mentioned above sparked a discussion over supply chain risks and how a company’s own production could be impacted by the ransomware attacks suffered by their business partners. This has further revealed the apparent limits of conventional assessments that assume the fundamental goodness of human nature.

Deloitte Cyber Trends & Intelligence Report 2022 [PDF, 1.83MB]

Table of Contents

This annual report on intelligence research and operation of Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre is featured in the recent trend of cyber security. It will help the cyber security measurements for your organization. 

  • Trends in Ransomware Threats
  • Ransomware Countermeasures & Attack Surface Management
  • Monitoring the Malicious Tampering of Web App Functions Undetectable by Security Devices
  • A Behind-the-Scenes Look at SOAR Operations: Coding Security Operations
  • Visualizing Security Incidents through EDR and Network Logs
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