Introduction Of Risk Advisory New Business Promotion

We are a specialized organization that creates new business value as a bridge between technology and business.

We are a team that provides solutions including planning effective & optimized solutions to business issues and social agendas with cutting edge technologies, conducting technical surveys, conducting demonstration experiments, formulating business plans, inventing and implementing new solutions using state of the arts technologies.

New Business Promotion is a bridge between technology and business, we help companies to avoid the risk of adopting new technology, creating new businesses and new value out of them.

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  • Marketing・Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • Governance・ Finance
    • Support for registration of crypto asset exchange business
    • Support for development of operational system and internal rules for crypto-assets/blockchain business
    • Support for formulating NFT business plan
    • Support for launching of the Web 3.0 business
    • Supporting business development leveraging blockchain technologies
  • AI・IoT ・DX
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