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This solution enables businesses to improve the accuracy of their mid-to-long term investment amid international trade challenges arising from trade conflicts between the US and China, the impact of RCEP and expansion of TPP.

We provide tariff services related to FTAs, as well as corporate strategy and business strategy services.

Services related to FTAs (Including the TPP)

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We help businesses use FTAs strategically, strengthening their global competitiveness with the quick creation of profit through savings on tariff costs and supply-chain optimization based on trends in exchange rates and future tax rates.

Further information on services related to strategy

We provide strategy planning support with different approaches according to what stage your company is at. Our support covers a wide range of topics. We put together business management plans that are practical and realistic by understanding that the dual drivers of growth are the state of your business in both the short and long term. We also provide support in formulating strategies from a forward-thinking perspective. This includes supporting companies in creating industries capable of addressing social issues, as well in developing rule-making strategies for achieving structural competitive advantages.

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