Specifications of Trade Compass™

Trade Compass™ is an international trade solution and support service. It helps businesses to improve the accuracy of their mid- to long-term investments amid international trade challenges such as the United States’ withdrawal from TPP, the renegotiation of NAFTA, and “Brexit”.

We are proud to introduce the features and benefits of Trade Compass™, Deloitte Tohmatsu Group’s web-based international trade solution and support service.

Major functions of Trade Compass™

FTA Database
Major functions of Trade Compass™
  • Tariff SearchTariff Search (Check tariff rates and Rules of Origin)
    ・View tariff classifications and Rules of Origin by HS codes and keywords
    ・Visualize future tariff rates (up to 10 years ahead*)
      *Time-range specified in the agreement
  • Cost Reduction Potential (Estimate potential tariff reductions)
    ・Simulate the future availability of FTAs based on your company's supply chain information
       (importing/exporting countries, item type and transaction volume) and potential reduction of tariff costs
    ・Visualize contributions to your net income made possible by avoiding insufficient use of FTAs
  • Sourcing Analysis (Compare costs based on tariffs and exchange rates)
    ・Taking into account exchange rate fluctuations and future tariffs and compare the procurement costs of each supply chain side-by-side
  • Trade Analysis (Analyze trade value and tariff rates by item type)
    ・Visualize major importing and exporting countries (the top ten countries in the world) by item type and check the difference between market trends and your own supply chain
  • Classification Support (Compare tariff classifications in multiple countries)
    ・Verify the tariff classification of your company’s own products by comparing the tariff classifications (HS codes and item types) of multiple countries at the same time
  • Certification Support (Determine the origin of goods)
    ・Upon entering the details of products and raw materials, the system checks their origin according to the FTA used. Documents such as certificates of origin or supplier certificates can be created by the system
      Note: This system is optional. For details, please contact the person in charge.


Support functions of Trade Compass™

  • HS Version Converter
    ・Perform correlation of HS codes from a particular year version to the latest version used in Trade Compass.
    ・Supports conversion from HS2002 up to HS2017.

How to use Trade Compass™

Tariff Risk Service

Tariff experts will provide you with support online.

Each contracting company is entitled to one hour of free consultation time per month. We can advise you on the HS code applicable to the products you are researching as well as analyze the information acquired through Trade Compass™, such as tariff rates and Rules of Origin.

About Trade Compass™ tariff risk management services

Trade Compass™ specifications

  • Supported countries/area: Japan, ASEAN, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Mexico, European Union, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, Peru
  • Supported Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): FTAs concluded or in force between supported countries (including some yet-unpublished FTAs)
  • Supported goods: All HS codes (about 10,000 item types)
  • Supported time-frame: 10 years


* More countries and regions will be added.
* New FTAs involving the countries listed above will be added as the details of the agreements become available.
* Tariff schedules of each country and HS code revisions by the World Customs Organization will be updated as needed.

Trade Compass™ free trial

All functions are available on the trial version.


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