Asset management industry – A next step towards further consolidation


A next step towards further consolidation

An insight report of the asset management industry

Deloitte performed analysis to provide industry insights and the foreseeable future of the asset management industry. The asset management industry continuous to be an attractive market in terms of revenue growth and profitability, however the industry is facing challenges from different angles. In response many asset management companies have been changing strategies to expand scale trusting that size will result in a competitive advantage.

How is the asset management industry expected to develop in the next few years?

For the period 2010 to 2019, the asset management industry has shown substantial growth in net assets driven by low term yields on government bonds, mainly in the EU zone, and driven by a search for yield on investments.
We expect for the near future a further increase in growth for the investment management industry driven by i) an increase in appetite for long term personal savings and ii) attracting new clients by offering new investments – PE investments and more cross border activities.

Due to fee pressure from increased regulatory costs and investments to improve customer experience, together with a scattered investment manager landscape in the Netherlands, we expect a further consolidation in the market of investment managers.

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Insight report of the asset management industry

We have performed an analysis to provide industry insights of the global investment management industry in terms of some of the key industry’s financial metrices. 

As we experience an increase in M&A transactions over the last few years we focus on some integration pitfalls followed by valuation considerations for asset management companies globally.

Next, we provide a condensed overview of the asset management industry in the Netherlands followed by our expected outlook for the foreseeable future given current industry challenges and trends.

The full report with details and insightful results is downloadable on the right.

Transactions with the goal of generating value for your organization?

The number of deals in the Dutch asset management market shows a pattern towards further consolidation. We expect that asset management companies continue to use M&A activity to secure new capabilities and new markets.

Have a read on our asset management insight report and reach out to any of our professionals in case of questions.

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