Restructuring Services

Deloitte helps you gain more insight into the strategic, operational and financial developments within your company. Depending on the situation, we will work together with you to determine the key areas of focus for the restructuring and which specialist support from within Deloitte will help to deliver the assignment.

Your challenge

Do you recognize one of the following situations?

  • Stagnant growth
  • Falling margins
  • Increasing creditor positions / pressure
  • Backlog of investments
  • Shrinking market or other adverse market developments

Deloitte assists companies and their management in times of declining performance, financial stress and transformation.

Our solution

Our typical process begins with the preparation of a 13-week cash flow projection to determine the liquidity requirement during this period. This analysis indicates the pace at which the restructuring and associated initiatives must take place in the fields of strategy, operations and finances. During this process we seek the causes of the declining performance. It is crucial to distinguish between causes and symptoms – our task is to answer the question ‘why’. Having identified these causes, an action plan is drawn up and we can leverage our extensive turnaround experience to help management to implement this plan. Throughout this process, we support management in communicating with banks, shareholders and other stakeholders in order to achieve the best possible result.

Depending on the situation and specific needs, we can support individual aspects of the process. Our core areas of support include:

  • Short term liquidity planning
  • Independent Business Review (independent analysis of the current situation and strategic future)
  • Financial restructuring
  • Support for insolvency and the insolvency process
  • Accelerated M&A support for insolvency 
  • Data analytics to deliver in-depth, business-critical insights
  • Stakeholder management

Why Deloitte?

Deloitte can provide insight into the underlying causes of the challenges facing your company in strategic, operational and/or financial terms. Based on this, we will help management to draw up a turnaround plan of approach to a stable, improved situation, and we can help help is offered with the implementation of the key initiatives.

One of the most important elements of support we provide is managing the various stakeholders’ conflicting interests during and after a restructuring.

Our Restructuring Services team works intensively with Deloitte specialists in many fields, including finance, taxation, real estate and management consultancy, so that our assistance is fully tailored to your situation.


Eddie van Dinther

Eddie van Dinther


The last 20 years my focus is to support companies to improve their returns in times of transformation and deteriorating performance. I support Management to understand the root cause of the underperf... More

Johannes Zandvoort

Johannes Zandvoort


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