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myInsight Client Edition

A cloud ecosystem for tax and finance that brings data, processes, and technology together

A self-administered portal with powerful features for global and local tax departments that enable true collaboration. Learn more about our technology that is designed by and for tax professionals.

myInsight Client Edition | A cloud ecosystem for tax and finance by Deloitte

Your challenge

Planning, delivery, compliance and post-compliance are time-consuming and difficult tasks. There are many risks involved in the preparation. Mostly these tasks are performed inefficiently by tax departments, which leads to high costs. The reason for this is that information is shared in an inefficient way, processes are not standardized and that there is a lack of transparency and accountability. CFOs have new expectations for tax executives.

Our solution

Deloitte’s tax portal provides a complete ecosystem for tax allowing true collaboration across all tax functions (planning, provision, compliance and post-compliance). It is a self-administered portal with powerful features for tax that can provide the following benefits:

  • Efficiency gains
  • Cost savings
  • Improved planning
  • Process standardization
  • Risk mitigation
  • Faster access to one version of the facts
  • Fewer silos between teams and departments

These benefits come from the following tax portal features:

myInsight Client Edition introduction

Compliance tracker & calendar

The tax portal can help you keep track of tax engagements, globally and locally. The tracker & calendar feature provides a central location for all statutory and non-statutory items to be tracked and monitored such as tax returns, quarterly reporting, audits, planning ideas etc.

Workflow management

A built-in workflow engine provides a standardized approach to business processes, providing transparency, automation of task management and real time status updates. Tasks can be assigned to team members who in turn will receive automated notifications when tasks are due.

Document management

MyInsight Client Edition will help you eliminate excessive time spent looking for the correct documents and you will be able to collaborate on documents with version control and a full audit trail.

Legal entity management

MyInsight Client Edition has the ability to manage a master set of legal entities that can be enhanced with local entity attributes including tax hierarchies and ownership percentages.

Reporting & dashboards

With the tax portal you can publish dashboards or reports to specific groups of users with insights on, but not limited to the duration of compliance tasks, internal control process evidence or timing of controls, tax audit history and/or changes in legal entities.

(IT) Security

myInsight Client Edition runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud and leverages multi factor authentication (MFA) via Azure B2B. User access can be provided with individual permissions for specific roles.


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Susanne de Nooijer


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