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myInsight Client Edition - An ecosystem for Tax 

Delivering confidence in an uncertain global environment

Do you want more control over tax activities? Do you want real-time updates without a limitation in details? Deloitte’s myInsight tax portal provides a complete ecosystem for tax allowing true collaboration across all tax functions (planning, provision, compliance and post-compliance).

Tax planning, delivery, compliance and post-compliance are time-consuming and complex tasks. Inefficiencies in your tax processes can lead to high costs. Information could be shared in an inefficient way, processes unstandardized or there could be an altogether lack of transparency and accountability. Nowadays CFOs have higher expectations of tax executives. We believe that myInsight Client Edition offers you the tools to meet these expectations with confidence.

A great impact on tax departments

Deloitte’s myInsight tax portal provides a complete ecosystem for tax allowing true collaboration across all tax functions (planning, provision, compliance and
post-compliance). MyInsight client edition assists tax departments with:

  • Standardizing document management methodologies
  • Standardizing processes   
  • Providing insight to global tax obligations     
  • Providing users with access to required information when and where they need it  
  • Providing consistent and central user interface for disparate systems and office locations
  • Facilitating data management, reporting and analytics
  • Eliminating silos to work collaboratively and efficiently.


  1. MyInsight Client Edition differentiates itself on different levels.
  2. In the following the main functionalities will be mentioned. First, the Portal is designed to allow the tax department to support, configure and administer the Portal without reliance on IT. 
  3. Secondly, it has a robust integrated workflow engine specifically
    designed and built to meet unique tax process needs. This engine also contains integrated forms for data collection with a robust rules engine that can trigger workflows based on specific business rules. 
  4. Furthermore, the Portal also contains  the Portal also contains a survey tool that can be leveraged by tax and finance for data collection using questionnaires and web-based forms.

Benefits of one complete ecosystem for Tax

Altogether myInsight Client Edition will have a great impact on a tax departments. The Portal brings the following benefits:

  • Standardized processes
  • Efficiency gains
  • Improved planning
  • Cost savings
  • Fewer silos 
  • Risk mitigation 
  • Faster access to one version of the facts

MyInsight Client Edition, a complete ecosystem for tax. We make tax work for you. 

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Susanne de Nooijer


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Pascal Muller

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