Deloitte 2018 global CIO survey


Manifesting legacy: Looking beyond the digital era

2018 Global CIO Survey

In today’s digital environment it’s hard for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to keep ahead of the pace of change. What should have priority to eventually create a deliberate, repeatable and scalable innovation process? Start to manifest your digital legacy!

The state of the CIO role

Work of the CIOs often focus on the shiny side of digital: new technologies that can transform customer experiences, drive product innovations, and boost business performance. But these likely represent only the tip of the digital iceberg. Deloitte's 2018 gobal CIO survey takes insight from more than 1,400 global executives, across 23 industries and more than 70 countries. Providing a multifaceted view from 1,116 CIOs and 321 CXOs on the current state of the CIO role and what will likely be required for CIOs to remain relevant over the coming years.

This is where it gets personal: Are you satisfied being known mostly as a competent functional leader? Or do you want to help shape and lead the digital future of you organization? That's a choice you may need to face sooner than you think. Digital vanguards serve as a guide for what the future may hold beyond current digital initiatives. Adopting a technology-led, business-enabled mindset to drive transformation growth and revenue.  

2018 Global CIO Report

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What you got here may not get you there

What pattern types will likely contribute to the two mandates of the CIO in the future? Transforming business operations and driving top-line revenue and growth. Effective innovation leaders will likely have done the hard work to prepare for this opportunity by developing the personal attributes and capabilities, earning credibility with business peers, transforming IT's delivery model, attracting and developing IT talent and investing in core systems. By taking the right steps your company will be able to shape the future of business, become tech-fluent and manifest the business's digital ambition for years to come.

As digital reality, cognitive and blockchain continue to redefine IT and business, organizations should look to move beyond vertical or horizontal approaches to new technology. Ideally, strategy, technology, and operations should work together, in harmony, across domains and boundaries. 

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