Support for Ukraine


Support for Ukraine

Deloitte Central Europe statement, March 2nd 2022 r.

Support for Ukraine

Deloitte Central Europe strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and stands unequivocally with the people of Ukraine. We firmly oppose the military aggression against the independent state, resulting in unjust tragedy of the Ukrainian people. Such acts are contradicting our shared values and beliefs.

We are helping our Ukrainian colleagues and their relatives, supporting them with relocation where needed, including immigration assistance, transport, accommodation as well as financial and psychological support. By now, we have assisted more than 50 colleagues and their families in their relocation to Central Europe notably to Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia, and we are expecting more during the upcoming days. We have managed to contact 95% of Deloitte employees in Ukraine and we are taking every possible action to ensure their safety and that their essential needs are being met under fast changing circumstances.

We know this is just a drop in the ocean of enormous needs. Therefore, we want to offer our help also to those who are not our employees. Under Deloitte Foundation, we raise funds and provide financial as well as volunteer support to various NGOs across the region. As an additional support, our tech team has created a chatbot Irene which can be immediately used by NGOs to help connect with refugees.

Solidarity with Ukraine is demonstrated in the whole Deloitte network.
Our employees pursue their own initiatives, helping with transport, providing goods, donating blood, they are opening their homes for the refugees and giving them a kind word.

Their dedication to the case goes beyond words. They deserve a massive shout out.

Deloitte Central Europe will continue to comply with all applicable sanctions. For the time being, we are working on suspending projects for Russian entities and/or individuals named on US/EU sanctions lists.

We will continue standing together for our values and humanity. Our hope is that peace will prevail quickly.

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