Deloitte supports ING Bank Śląski in replacing core banking system with Thought Machine’s cloud native solution Vault

Warsaw, 19 January 2022

Growing competition and increasingly widespread implementations of tech innovation in the banking sector requires efficient adaptation of the product offering to changing customer needs. Cloud native systems are a key requirement in meeting such challenges. Deloitte, a pioneer in introducing innovative solutions for financial institutions, has supported ING Bank Śląski in the implementation of Vault - the cloud native core banking system developed by Thought Machine.

In today's market, financial institutions must respond quickly and decisively to the shifting environment and evolving offerings of competitors, but they must also remain flexible to adequately address the changing needs of their customers. To meet these expectations and to maintain its efficiency in the future, ING Bank Śląski its retail cash loan as a first product onto Thought Machine’s cloud-native platform Vault.

Deloitte consultants have supported ING Bank Śląski in the course of this implementation providing expertise and professional support in the areas of system architecture, development, business analysis and preparation of environments.

Deloitte is a global leader in introducing innovative solutions leveraging modern technologies for the financial services sector. Services we are providing to our clients in this space are based on the extensive knowledge of our experts from around the globe. We are convinced that our cooperation with ING Bank Śląski will lead to acceleration of our efforts in building world-class core system transformation offering in line with ever changing digital consumers’ expectations

- says Andrzej Lachowski, Partner in Charge, Consulting Poland, Deloitte.


Deloitte’s Digital Banking Solutions Team supports the largest banks around the world in their transformation processes, reducing potential risks and improving the effectiveness of the implemented changes. The company also employs a range of tools to accelerate the implementation of Vault.


Deloitte is globally recognised as a leader in financial services delivery, strategy and innovation. By combining their regional expertise with a technical excellence of building workflows in Vault, ING Bank Śląski has now set up a solid base to further develop their next-generation banking proposition. We look forward to our continued work together in building incredible banking experiences across the region

- says Gareth Richardson, Chief Operating Officer, Thought Machine.


ING Bank Śląski belongs to the ING Group, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation. It has been present on the Polish market since 1989 and listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1994. It is among the top five largest banks in Poland by assets.

Thought Machine works with both next generation and incumbent financial institutions to deliver the foundational technologies of modern banking. Vault allows its clients to meet the changing needs of today's banks and their customers. It is a next-generation core banking engine, designed natively for cloud infrastructure, free from legacy and pre-cloud technology.

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