E-receipts on online cash registers


E-receipts on online cash registers

Issuance of a fiscal receipt without its printout

Tax news, 22th June 2022

E-receipt is a fiscal receipt in an electronic form, which can be issued by the seller using online cash registers or software-based cash registers (so-called virtual registers) if it is accepted by the buyer. E-receipt is sent electronically in a manner agreed with the buyer. Consequently, it is possible to issue a fiscal receipt only in electronic form and its printout is not obligatory.

However, although issuance of e-receipts should be possible on the online cash registers, due to technical regulations in force when online cash registers entered Polish market, these devices (incl. their firmware) were not officially certified with an option to issue e-receipt. As a result, adapting online cash registers currently used to new technical possibilities requires technical changes and recertification. At the moment, as far as we are concerned, no cash register with the discussed capability has been certified as yet and applications are under review by the Central Office of Measures.

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