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The Deloitte Alumni Network is a community of over 14,000 people; a network of professionals who support each other, and stay connected, wherever we might be today.

If you’ve worked at Deloitte, you’ll know how much we value your talent, your professional development and your career aspirations. Join our alumni community and we’ll continue to be support you in your career journey with access to all sorts of opportunities, insights and connections.

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The Alumni Upfront series was created to stay connected with our alumni and our aim is to share some of their stories about their careers beyond Deloitte.

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Meet our returning Alumni

"What compelled me to return to Deloitte was the realisation that the firm had moved on a lot; flexible working is now at the top of the agenda."

Alumni Case StudiesWhat compelled you to come back to Deloitte?

I joined Deloitte as a graduate. I learnt how to do everything here, from photocopying to advising clients undertaking major complex M&A transactions. When I started a family I felt I couldn’t sustain the intensity that my role at the time required, as well as be the parent I wanted to be - so I left. I was a senior manager at the time, and set myself up as a consultant. What compelled me to return to Deloitte was the realisation that the firm had moved on a lot; flexible working is now at the top of the agenda. This has transformed day to day working for so many people here. I now get to achieve my career ambitions without sacrificing the things that matter to me.

What did you miss most?

I really missed the people. I loved my colleagues and the opportunity to have a real impact on nurturing the careers of those around me. That always energized me and gave me a great sense of purpose. I’ve been back at Deloitte for four years now and I’m really happy that I returned. It couldn’t have worked out better.

How did being an Alumni support you during your time away?

While I was working as a consultant the best opportunities came from my Deloitte network. Not just that; the colleagues that I kept in touch with helped me understand that work/life balance and agile working is now at the very heart of Deloitte’s culture. That enabled me to believe I could achieve a sensible balance if I returned. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t maintained those connections. I felt that my network’s value and impact was immeasurable.

My time away from Deloitte, as a consultant, also meant that I had the opportunity to walk in my clients’ shoes. Now I truly understand what pressures they face and what they need from their advisors. In my role at Deloitte that experience helps me make a stronger connection with my clients, and provide a service that’s really meaningful to their business.

"Keeping that door open meant I knew I had the option of returning to Deloitte in the future."

Alumni Case StudiesHow did you come to be a Deloitte Alumni?

I joined Deloitte as a graduate and will always be grateful for the opportunity the firm gave me when I first started my career. So making the decision to leave was extremely difficult – but I was offered an exciting challenge at Jaguar Land Rover I felt I just had to take. Despite making this decision, the positivity and support I received from my Deloitte team was fantastic.

How was your connection with Deloitte Alumni helpful during your time away?

During my time in industry I maintained a network of contacts at Deloitte. Being able to call on these people for informal advice and guidance was such a powerful tool. I also kept in touch with one of the partners from my team. He took a keen interest in what I was doing and made sure I stayed up to speed with what was going on at the firm. Keeping that door open meant I knew I had the option of returning to Deloitte in the future.

And it was because of this contact that I rejoined. We spent some time talking through what my career path at Deloitte could look like, leveraging the experience I had gained at Jaguar Land Rover. The possibility of what I could achieve in the long term at Deloitte is what drove me to return. I knew I’d get the opportunities and support I needed to carve out a career tailored to what interests and challenges me the most.

I’ve been back for three years now and am really glad I returned. My time away enabled me to develop a deep insight into the Industrials/Automotive sector, and the ability to see things from my clients’ perspective really helps me build meaningful relationships with them. I’ve also returned to a more senior role, so I’m able to utilise, and build on, the people management skills that were a large part of my role in industry.

Are you happy that you returned?

I’m happy I returned for lots of reasons, but the main one is the balance Deloitte enables me to achieve. The variety of interesting and challenging projects I work on, as well as the opportunity to build a team and business, is personally and professionally rewarding. But at the same time I have the ability to dedicate time to my growing family. Finding that balance is always difficult, but the support I get at Deloitte makes it possible.

"I felt proud to be a Deloitte Alumni, people instantly knew I could deliver high standards of work under pressure; that commands a certain amount of respect."

Alumni Case StudiesHow did you feel about your time at Deloitte in the past? How do you feel about it now, having returned?

During my initial time at Deloitte I always felt supported and encouraged to try new roles and challenges. I really believe it’s that ethos that gave me the courage to try something new (and very different – I took a role in the arts!). My team couldn’t have been more enthusiastic or supportive about my new opportunity outside of the firm – knowing that my leaving wasn’t viewed in a negative light meant I had no qualms about coming back.

Deloitte was my first ‘big’ employer so in many ways I didn’t know any different – that’s probably why I got itchy feet. In hindsight I realised there were lots of things about working here I’d undervalued; flexible working (I now work one day a week from home), technology (especially how quickly things can be fixed!), the benefits and, most importantly, what it feels like to be surrounded by bright, driven and accomplished people who are always striving to do better. I find that really motivating and missed it hugely during my time away.

What compelled you to come back to Deloitte?

I felt proud to be a Deloitte Alumni, people instantly knew I could deliver high standards of work under pressure; that commands a certain amount of respect. I stayed connected to Deloitte’s insight – knowing I could trust that was a great advantage – and felt staying connected meant that doors to other opportunities were always open. Without that connection I might not have felt so comfortable returning.

Why are you happy you returned?

I’ve returned with an increased sense of perspective, and a better understanding of what I want from my career. Before, I was an Assistant Marketing Manager; a role that required a great amount of technical knowledge and stakeholder management skill. Now, I’m in a strategic marketing role with an industry focus which is really exciting. I love being able to focus my efforts on one area – but I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for this strategic position without the experience I built up in my previous role here.

Spending time away and returning has only reinforced all the positive things I tell people about working at Deloitte. As I see it, I spend a lot of time at work so it needs to make me happy. My colleagues are fantastic, I love the variety of work I do, and I’m always learning. What’s not to like?

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