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Our selection process

Apprenticeships and Scholar Scheme

Your step-by-step guide to our simple, unbiased process. This is how we uncover your true potential, and find out if you have what it takes to make it at Deloitte. And, just as vital, you’ll discover if we’re right for you.

Keeping it simple

Whether you’re a school leaver applying for a role at Milton Keynes or a gap year student looking for Scholar Scheme experience, the selection process is very similar. Just eight steps. And you may not need to do them all.

  • Entry Level Apprenticeships: Steps 1, 3 & 5
  • BrightStart Higher Apprenticeships: Steps 1-6
  • Scholar Scheme: Steps 1, 3 & 6-8

Got a question? Check out our FAQs.

Step 1: Apply online – all

It’s a short form. We just need a few details about you and what you’ve achieved academically so far. Plus your preferred location and area of business interest.

If you are applying for the Scholar Scheme you will be asked to complete career motivation questions.

Step 2: Game-based assessment – BrightStart

The fun bit. You get to play Firefly Freedom: a challenge that shows you – and us – how innovative you really are. We get to find out how you think. You get a personalised feedback report that shows you where your potential lies.

If you’d like to try a similar game, click here for a go at our trial version of Cosmic Cadet, a game for our graduate applicants.

Step 3: Online tests – all

Here we’re checking that you’re comfortable working with numbers and interpreting written information, as well as your attention to detail. There are three mini tests. And you’ll be given an opportunity to practice them first. If you have any special needs you’d like us to consider, please let us know. 

Situational Strengths BrightStart and Scholar Scheme only
This scenario-based assessment gives you an idea of what life’s like at Deloitte. And it gives us an idea of how you’d respond in a range of typical situations. You’ll be asked to rank a number of different options, depending on what you’re most likely to do. Don’t worry, you won’t need any work experience to be able to answer the questions. Just answer naturally, so we can get the best idea of what you’re really like.

Numerical Reasoning
We need to know you’re able to work with numerical information. This is not about asking you to do complex calculations in your head; it’s about making practical judgements based on numerical data. Just as you would in a workplace.

This test is not time limited, so you can spend as long as you need to on each question. But we do record the time you take, and it does affect your total score. So work as quickly but as accurately as you can.

Verbal Critical Reasoning
The final test assesses your ability to work with verbal information, to critically evaluate written passages. There’s a range of modules, so you’ll get the chance to show us your skills across different ways of working.

Like the Numerical Reasoning Test, this is not time limited. But we recommend you work quickly, as well as accurately, as the time taken will affect your total score.

Entry Level Apprentices also do a Data Checking Test.

Our assessments are based on a robust understanding of what makes people successful at Deloitte. Please take them seriously and give yourself every opportunity to do your best. Choose a quiet location and a time when you know you won’t be disturbed. Ideally use a PC. And remember: be yourself!

Step 4: Service line questionnaire – BrightStart

This is where you tell us which area of our business you want to work in – we call them ‘service lines’. And, if appropriate, you can also tell us which professional qualification you want to go for.

Step 5: Selection Day/Assessment event – BrightStart and Entry Level Apprentices

You’ll learn a lot about yourself at this challenging, but enjoyable event. The half-day includes a short interview focusing on your motivation and key behaviours, followed by a fun group exercise. (Plus a written exercise for Entry Level Apprentices). For us, it’s about assessing your teamwork and communication skills, as both are essential to the role.

Please note: If you’re applying for our Entry Level Apprenticeship in Cardiff, you’ll also do a second selection day with Cardiff and Vale College. As the college works closely with us to provide your training. Find out more.

Step 6: Group exercise – all

We’re really keen to see how you work in a team, so you’ll take part in a fun group challenge. For apprentices, this is all part of your selection or assessment day event. If you’re a Scholar Scheme applicant, you’ll travel to London for your group exercise.

Step 7: Interview – BrightStart and Scholar Scheme

Scholar Scheme
Do well in your London group exercise and you’ll be invited for a face-to-face interview.

BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship Scheme
You’ll be interviewed as part of your assessment day event.

Step 8: Final Interview – BrightStart and Scholar Scheme

Impress us first time round and you’ll be invited for a final interview, where you’ll meet a senior member of staff from the business area you want to join. This will be in the office you’ve applied for. You’ll get to meet colleagues and get a good feel for the place you’ll work in.

For BrightStarts, part of your interview will be a presentation. Don’t worry, we’ll brief you on the topic beforehand, so you have plenty of time to prepare.

Your offer or feedback – all

If we like you at interview or on selection day – and you like us – we’ll offer you a job. Welcome to Deloitte. Either way, It’s really important to us that you have a good experience. If you’re not successful, you can ask for feedback from your recruitment contact, who should provide useful advice and pointers to help you at future interviews.

You’ll be given all the time and support you need to complete these different stages.

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