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We want to get to know the real you and tease out your true potential. Here’s how we find out if you have what it takes to make it at Deloitte: your step-by-step guide to our simple, unbiased selection process. It’s all that stands between you and amazing.

Keeping it simple

Whether you’re an undergraduate applying for work experience during the summer, looking for a year’s placement, or you want to join our graduate scheme, the selection process is very similar. Just seven steps. And you may not need to do them all.

  • Spring Into Deloitte: Steps 1–3
  • Summer Vacation Scheme – Internships: Steps 1–6
  • Industrial Placements: 1 & 3–6 steps
  • Scholar Scheme: Steps 1 & 3, 5-6
  • Graduate Programme: All 6 steps

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Step 1: Apply online

Spring Into Deloitte 
Summer Vacation Scheme 
Industrial Placement 
Scholar Scheme 
Graduate Programme 

Our application form is simple to complete. At this stage we want to know about your education, career motivations and any work experience. (Have your qualification details to hand before you begin, including your grades).

You’ll know within three working days whether you’re through to the next stage.

Your unique candidate ID

This year we’ve introduced ‘name blind’ recruitment, to help stop any unconscious bias against our potential recruits. It means your name, email address, and the schools and university you went to can’t be seen by our recruitment team when they screen your application. You still need to complete these details on your application form, but we’ll give you a candidate ID number when you submit the form, which you’ll use throughout the selection process. It’s really important that you quote this number every time you get in touch with us about your Deloitte application.

Need help with your application form? Download our application support document.

Step 2: Online tests

Spring into Deloitte – this your last step
Summer Vacation Scheme
Industrial Placement
Scholar Scheme
Graduate Programme

We want to know what makes you tick and these assessments tell us more about who you really are. You’ll get a feedback report about your strengths and abilities, with some advice on how to make the most of your potential.

Situational Strengths
This scenario-based assessment gives you an idea of what life’s like at Deloitte. And it gives us an idea of how you’d respond in a range of typical situations. You’ll be asked to rank a number of different options, depending on what you’re most likely to do. Don’t worry, you won’t need any work experience to be able to answer the questions. Just answer naturally, so we can get the best idea of what you’re really like.

Numerical Reasoning
We need to know you’re able to work with numerical information. This is not about asking you to do complex calculations in your head; it’s about making practical judgements based on numerical data. Just as you would in a workplace.

This test is not time limited, so you can spend as long as you need to on each question. But we do record the time you take, and it does affect your total score. So work as quickly but as accurately as you can.

Verbal Critical Reasoning
The final test assesses your ability to work with verbal information, to critically evaluate written passages. There’s a range of modules, so you’ll get the chance to show us your skills across different ways of working.

Like the Numerical Reasoning Test, this is not time limited. But we recommend you work quickly, as well as accurately, as the time taken will affect your total score.

Our assessments are based on a robust understanding of what makes people successful at Deloitte. Please take them seriously and give yourself every opportunity to do your best. Choose a quiet location and a time when you know you won’t be disturbed. Ideally use a PC. And remember: be yourself!

Spring into Deloitte applicants
This is where your application process ends. We’ll let you know as soon as possible how well you did.

Step 3: Service line questionnaire

Graduate Programme (Except Financial Advisory and Real Estate)

This is where you tell us which area of our business you want to work in – we call them ‘service lines’. And, if appropriate, you can also tell us which professional qualification you want to go for.

Don’t be surprised if we call you for an interview before we’ve asked for your service line questionnaire. Not all programmes need one and we just use it to help sift applications and find people the right opportunity.

Step 4: First round interview

Summer Vacation Scheme – this is your last step 
Industrial Placement 
Scholar Scheme (N.B. you have a group exercise first, which takes place in London, but your first round interview takes place in your local office)
Graduate Programme 

Now’s your chance to wow us. We want to know what motivates you and how you operate. Usually, you’ll come to the office you’ve applied to work in and be interviewed by someone from the ‘service line’ you want to join. And the interview’s designed so you can get to know us, as much as we’re getting to know you.

The interview questions
Come prepared to talk about projects you’ve been involved in: any activities that took time and effort to achieve. This could be work you’re particularly proud of, or something you found challenging. You’ll need to be clear what your role was and provide detail. We’re looking for how you plan, problem solve, and interact with people, amongst other things.

Case study 
(not for Graduate Actuarial, Graduate Real Estate and The Scholar Scheme)

No need to prepare for this; it’s an on-the-spot test that takes about 45 minutes. We’ll give you a fictitious scenario to read about, which will be similar to the type of work you’d be doing at Deloitte. We then ask you questions about it.

Group exercise
If you’re applying for a role in Consulting (not including Actuarial) or Tax Consulting, you’ll also be asked to take part in a team exercise. Scholars do this group exercise before their interview.

Summer Vacation Scheme applicants
This is where your application process ends. You won’t do a final interview until the end of your internship.

Last step for Summer Vacation Scheme applicants.

Step 5: Final interview

Industrial Placement 
Scholar Scheme 
Graduate Programme 

This is where you get to show us what you’re really made of, in an interview and presentation* to a senior member of staff. You’ll also get to meet colleagues and get a feel for the place and service line you want to work in.

Your presentation
Allow about five minutes for your presentation, with ten minutes for a Q&A after. Don’t worry, we’ll brief you on the topic beforehand, so you have plenty of time to prepare.

The interview questions
In this interview, we’ll focus more on your values; what matters to you and how that fits in with us as a business.

Come prepared to talk about what impact you think you’d make at Deloitte. For example, it might be that you’re passionate about working collaboratively or have strong leadership qualities. Have some examples up your sleeve to support your claims.

First and final interviews – fast track
You may get the chance to do both interviews in one day. It depends on your chosen office and service line. Your first interview would be in the morning and final interview the same afternoon.

Step 6: Your offer or feedback

Summer Vacation Scheme 
Industrial Placement 
Scholar Scheme 
Graduate Programme 

This is the last step. If we like you at final interview – and you like us – we’ll offer you a job. Welcome to Deloitte. Either way, we won’t keep you guessing; we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

It’s really important to us that you have a good experience. If you’re not successful, you can ask for feedback from your recruitment contact, who should provide useful advice and pointers to help you at future interviews.

Next steps: If you’re not successful

You can reapply
If you’re unsuccessful first time round, you can try again. You usually have to wait 6 or 12 months from the date of your first application. It depends on the scheme.

You can join us via Teach First
If you got as far as interview stage, you can try for a place on the Teach First Leadership Development Programme (LDP). You’ll be fast-tracked to their assessment centre. Succeed here and you’ll gain all kinds of vital skills on the two-year course. Afterwards, you’ll get another chance to join us, as we’ll fast track your Deloitte application.

Teach First is an education charity that’s engaging the UK’s brightest talent to fight a serious social problem – educational inequality. We support their belief that no child’s educational success should be limited by their socio-economic background. Find out more.

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